Prison Break, 'tis time to talk T-Bag - past, present and (perhaps) future

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Welcome to a new weekly Prison Break 'column'. Here we will be looking at the past and potential future of some of our favorite characters to have graced Fox River - first up, it's the villain you love to hate: T-Bag

Look at him. Just look at him. Isn't he the epitome of evil? Never before has there been another TV villain that we have despised with every single part of our being - T-Bag can proudly claim that title all by himself. Robert Knepper's sleazy sexual predator shocked and appalled fans of Prison Break all over the world with his blazé attitude towards murder and rape, yet there was also a part of us that was fascinated by him. Without a shadow of a doubt T-Bag was the glue that held Prison Break together, especially during the less successful third and fourth seasons - Knepper's performance was truly astounding. One of the Fox River Eight (and without doubt the most 'bloodthirsty'), Theodore Bagwell was a main character throughout Seasons 1-4, more often than not finding himself in direct opposition to Michael Scofield, but occasionally working in conjunction with Wentworth Miller's character as a form of cruel manipulation. His role as the big bad was emphasized once the prisoners escaped Fox River, as several petty crimes were 'complimented' by plenty more murders and tortures - all of this with only one functioning hand, of course! So the big question is: will Robert Knepper return as T-Bag for FOX's Prison Break reboot in 2016? We certainly hope so, that's for sure!

A little while ago we wrote an article discussing which characters we would like to see back on our screens for the ten-parter next year, and T-Bag was top of the pile. Let's be honest, none of the other original cast members have the aura of Fox River's finest criminal, and nobody else would be as strong a big bad as T-Bag. However, Robert Knepper is arguably one of the most successful actors from the original series, and cramming in Prison Break filming into his already hectic schedule would be a toughie. IF (and it's a big if) we do see T-Bag again, it's worth remembering that he ended Season 4 locked up back where it all began: in Chicago's state penitentiary. Our Season 5 plot prediction suggested that a lot of time will have elapsed since that day, meaning Bagwell may have been released, but this is an unlikely reality. Considering all the crimes he has committed (not to mention participating in the biggest prison escape in American history), he's not going to be released any time soon. Perhaps then, the writers plan on incorporating two intertwined storyline; one on the inside of Fox River following T-Bag, and one on the outside regarding Michael and Lincoln's adventures. Paul Scheuring has proved to us in the past that his mind is a wonderful thing - we're sure he could manage to work around this plot hole! Do you think T-Bag will be in Season 5?

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