Prison Break: TJ Ramini teases his revival character Cross

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So who are all these new faces arriving at Prison Break HQ? TJ Ramini is set to play some bloke called Cross - want to know who he is? Then see what the actor had to say

Prison Break is all the rage nowadays, and we'd like to think that here at melty we've contributed to the hype. Ever since the news broke last August that Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows would return to FOX to fight crime and kick some ass like the good old days, we've been reporting on all things PB. Things like, for example, the latest cast announcements. TJ Ramini of Great Britain is the latest addition to the Season 5 cast, and he recently made the announcement on his Instagram page. As you can see below, Ramini shared: "In slightly more serious news... Here's a #firstlook at my @prisonbreak character, #Cross. I know you can't see much, but that's kinda the point... Don't wanna be a #spoiler." Now we can't see much, that's very true. HOWEVER, Cross is clearly in prison, suggesting that he could be a Fox River acquaintance of our old pal, T-Bag...

Ramini is joining the party a little bit late, truth be told, as the gang have already been filming in Vancouver for a month now! We still don't really know when the show might air, with original guesses suggesting sometime in 2017. However, Paul Scheuring and co. have been rattling through filming in recent weeks, so could there maybe be space for a bit of Michael Scofield in our lives this fall? The first cut of Episode 1 is already done and dusted, and judging by the producer's reaction, it's bloody brilliant. What role will Ramini's Cross have to play in the drama? That remains to be seen, but we're going to stick our necks out here and predict that he is a traditional 'baddie'. Okay, we realise that, given their criminal status, pretty much every lead Prison Break character could be considered a 'baddie', but we don't exactly class T-Bag and Fernando Sucre in the same league of darkness, ya know? Cross sounds like a dangerous man to... Well, cross, in our minds. Do you agree?

Source: Instagram: @tjramini