Prison Break: Wentworth Miller is on the run in new behind-the-scenes photos!

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Wentworth Miller has been fairly under the radar since filming for the Prison Break revival season began. But now we see him back in full force as Michael Scofield, and he's bringing desert realness to the shoot.

Wentworth Miller has kept his social media activity to a minimum whilst filming on the set of the Prison Break revival season as Michael Scofield, with his co-stars even creating the hashtag '#wheresMichael?'. However, it now seems as though our protagonist is back in business. The Prison Break Twitter account recently shared two behind-the-scenes photos of Miller looking a little worse for wear, as one side of his face looks like someone's tried to use it as a punchbag. Normally, we would look at the marks on his face and agree that it's 100% make-up, but we're now questioning the photos, as Dominic Purcell who plays Michael's brother, Lincoln, was recently in a huge accident on the Prison Break set, which left him with a broken nose and 150 stitches in his head! Purcell's accident was a blessing in disguise as he used his injuries to talk about the upcoming season. He disclosed that Lincoln's primary role is to get his brother out of a prison in Yemen, where he is being unfairly incarcerated for not abiding to his organisation's orders.

In the other of the two photos, Miller is pictured wearing a keffiyeh, and from what we can deduce, he no longer seems to be in prison. If this is indeed the case, we're relieved that Lincoln's efforts were not in vain. Recent Prison Break behind-the-scenes photos also showed Lincoln to be sporting some new ink, which appear to help him get straight to his brother. Despite not being as intricate as Lincoln's Fox River Prison blueprint tattoo, it obviously did the trick, as the moment where Purcell had the violent accident was during a scene where Lincoln succeeds in breaking into the Yemen prison. Season 5 will only be comprised of nine episodes, all of which will be written by the show's creator, Paul Scheuring, and he is reportedly not ruling out a sixth season. Filming has now returned to Vancouver after the location stint in Morocco which became the backdrop for Yemen, let's hope they're bringing Miller with them! Are you excited for the Prison Break revival season?

Source: Twitter: @PrisonBreak