Arrow keeps its bow steady while Lady Gaga's American Horror Story falters

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American Horror Story is on a fast track to Hotel while Constantine picks up Arrow's slack on a particularly slow Wednesday night

The actual story behind American Horror Story has been on a slow cook lately, which may help explain why fans have been trailing off week after week. The second part of the AHS Halloween special, "Room Service," saw another tenth of a decimal slip over last week, checking in at 1.5 among audiences in the 18-49 age bracket, with an average of 2.9 million viewers, down from 3 million last week, which was down from 3.2 million the week before that. In fact, last Wednesday's Episode 5 was the FX franchises lowest rated fifth episode in its five season run. However, given these numbers, it's unlikely the network will be dropping the series from its roster anytime soon, as it still scored highest among any cable program for Wednesday night, proving even further how much American Horror Story confuses itself with The Walking Dead. Although not scoring as high in bulk numbers, the same night's Arrow was likely much more a cause for celebration for The CW, gaining 10% over previous week's ratings in a night that saw general ratings slips. This result is more than likely the result of Matt Ryan's guest appearance as Constantine, helping carry over some Hellblazer fans from the cancelled NBC series, giving Arrow a final adjusted live + same day rating of 1.1 with 2.6 million viewers. That ties the premiere's season-high rating.

The CW's other supernatural property, The Vampire Diaries, relied on its core audience for a smooth transition from last week, gaining a modest bump in viewership to 1.4 million while its O.5 score held good from one week to the next. Thursday night held steady for ABC"s flagship property How to Get Away With Murder as well. Although a net loss over previous weeks, last night's "I Want You to Die" held steady with a 2.0 live + same day rating and 6.5 million little knife wielders, compared to last week's 6.26 million. Network sister series Scandal also steered a straight ship last night, gaining slightly on its 7.8 million viewers last week, closing at 8 million audiences and a 2.3 live + same day rating. And the ship just rolls on. What was your favorite episode this week?

Source: Nielsen