Rogue One A Star Wars Story could feature new dark Stormtroopers called Shadow Troopers

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Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars spin-off movie, Rogue One, features a new brand of Stormtrooper, possibly known as Shadow Troopers… cool!

News about Gareth Edwards’ upcoming Rogue One has been a little bit thin. The film’s due to come out this December and we haven’t even seen Rogue One’s first trailer! Nowadays we are seeing movie trailers more than a year before the film hits theaters. Disney and Lucasfilm do things differently though. Take a look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ promotional campaign which barely gave anything away about the film’s plot. Disney seems to be adopting the same policy with Rogue One. It’s so much better to watch a film without having everything spoiled in the trailer. However, we have news that this Star Wars spin-off movie, which features a band of brave Rebels who infiltrate the Death Star to steal the sinister spherical space station’s plans, could also include a new brand of dark Stormtroopers called Shadow Troopers. Interesting!

According to TMZ: “Lucasfilm filed docs to lock up the trademark to manufacture and sell all things 'Shadow Trooper"'- such as clothing, footwear, toys, gymnastic and sporting articles, electronic games, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree ornaments, snow globes... pretty much everything under Tatooine's 2 suns.” We’ve already heard the term ‘Shadow’ in the Star Wars video games, but never in the films. Lucasfilm also trademarked the names Kylo Ren, BB-8 and Poe Dameron ages before The Force Awakens came out, so it’s safe to assume that these Shadow Troopers will appear in Rogue One. This theory is backed up by the fact that some of the shareholders who were lucky enough to be present when Bob Iger previewed new Rogue One footage spoke of black stormtroopers, possibly called Death Troopers. We can’t wait to see what these new Shadow Troopers will get up to and look like in Gareth Edwards' Star Wars anthology film! Do you like the sound of these new Shadow Troopers?

Source: TMZ