Scandal Season 6: Scott Foley thinks that Olivia has chosen Jake

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Olivia has bounced back and forth between Fitz and Jake so many times that we've lost count. But it looks like Olivia has finally made her choice... at least according to Scandal star Scott Foley.

It's a never-ending debate: who should Olivia end up with, Fitz or Jake? Olivia, Fitz and Jake's love triangle has been going on for quite some time now. Scandal Season 6 shocked us all when Olivia and Fitz took their relationship public while Fitz was still President. All seemed to be right with the world as Olivia lived in the White House and took care of the First Lady duties, but we were foolish to think that Olivia would be satisfied with this kind of lifestyle. Olivia broke up with Fitz and seemingly rebounded with Jake. However it wasn't until Jake started dating someone (as part of Rowan's incredibly manipulative master plan) that Olivia started to show that she really does care for Jake. In the end Olivia saved Jake from her father, but the way she treated him in the Season 5 finale was not very lovingly. In this moment Olivia clearly only cared about one thing, and one thing only: winning.

Scott Foley has previously teased what's in store for potential Vice President Jake Ballard in Scandal Season 6. But the actor has now commented on his character's relationship with Olivia. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Foley said: “I’m going to be very unpopular in saying this: I think Olivia has chosen Jake. There is no question in my mind that she’s chosen Jake. Proof of that for me is the day he was going to get married. They concocted this plan, they were going to be together, he was going to leave [his fiancée] at the altar until Rowan threatened Olivia with Jake’s life. She had to have that really heartbreaking speech to him where she said, ‘I don’t love you, I never loved you, I love Fitz.’ It was very apparent to me that she wanted to be with Jake and she couldn’t.” Now that Jake is free from Rowan it looks like he and Olivia can finally be together, however Olivia seems consumed by the desire to win the presidential election. But to do this she'll have to beat Cyrus, whom we should all be very weary of as Frankie Vargas' running mate in Scandal Season 6. Do you agree with Scott Foley and think that Olivia has chosen Jake over Fitz?

Source: Entertainment Weekly