Should Bryan Cranston play Spider-Man's creator in a Stan Lee biopic?

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Forget Spider-Man: Homecoming! Fans are now demanding for Bryan Cranston to play Spidey's creator in a Stan Lee biopic!

The Spider-Man franchise has been in a bit of trouble over the last few years. It all started off so well. Sam Raimi directed two wonderful Spider-Man films, but things started to go a bit awry with Spider-Man 3. Since then we haven't seen a truly good Spider-Man film. But then Sony and Marvel struck a deal which meant that the comic book company turned movie studio would have creative control. That is of course a very good thing. We got to see Tom Holland wear the awesome new suit in Captain America: Civil War and he was brilliant. But now fans have turned their attention to a Stan Lee biopic, and they want Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston to take on the role. Check out this awesome fan-made poster below (courtesy of Entertainmeweakly's Tumblr page), which sees Crantson as Stan Lee.

If you're going to make a biopic about anybody nowadays, Stan Lee would be a very good contender. His creations are everywhere now: our cinema screens, TVs, our walls, cereal boxes, even our bloody pyjamas! He was the man behind Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, the X-Men and last but not least Iron Man. Without Lee, we'd be spending our summers outside in the sun, instead of spending them in dark cinema rooms watching the latest superhero blockbusters. He's synonymous with Marvel and incidentally, Lee thinks that a DC vs Marvel movie would be a good idea, so why haven't they got round to making it yet? Stan Lee is a man worthy of a biopic, and done properly it could get some Oscar buzz. He's a brilliant man, and has been an important part of today's popular culture. His Marvel movie cameos are also always worth watching. Stan Lee wasn't too happy about his Deadpool cameo however, because he never actually stepped foot in that strip club. Cranston is the perfect man for the role and we're pretty sure he'd be up for playing the comic book maestro. Do you think that Bryan Cranston should play Stan Lee?

Source: Tumblr: @Entertainmeweakly