Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Holland's looking good and ready for action in the Spidey suit

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently filming and thanks to these set photos, we can check out Tom Holland in the Spider-Man suit!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is actually happening. Finally, Sony and Marvel have come to an agreement, which means that they are now working together on the latest reboot of the Spider-Man property. Hopefully this will be the Spider-Man movie we all deserve. After Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it was looking like we were never going to get back to the heights of Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. However, there is hope. Marvel is now involved in the making of this next Spidey picture, and they have a pretty good track record when it comes to making superhero movies. Thanks to Looper, we can now feast our eyes on the set photos which feature Tom Holland in the iconic Spidey suit. Check them out below.

These set photos have really got us in the mood for some Spidey action. Here at melty we really can't wait to watch Tom Holland take on the role again. We first saw him as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, and he was absolutely incredible. He basically stole the show, and considering how good Civil War was, that's really saying something. With Michael Keaton rumored to be playing the Vulture in Homecoming, and Logan Marshall-Green also being cast as another villain, it seems like Peter Parker will have his work cut out for him in his new solo movie. At the moment, we're hearing reports that there will be three villains in the new Spidey reboot, which had us wondering whether Marvel and Sony will team up again for a Sinister Six movie. We'd love to see that. Donald Glover is also in talks to appear in the film, but we don't think he'll be playing Miles Morales (in a perfect world he would be). Are you looking forward to Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Source: Looper