Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Rothman says Tom Holland's Spidey is better than Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's

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Just how good is Tom Holland's Spider-Man? The best yet, acccording to Tom Rothman, who's praised Tom Holland and Marvel's work on the film!

Filming for Spider-Man: Homecoming is well underway now, and Sony Pictures Chairman has been very complimentary of its lead star Tom Holland. Speaking to IGN, he said: "He's fantastic! This is it. This is that character in all of its youthful complications and 'I have to save the world and get my chemistry homework done.'" If Rothman thinks that Holland's is the definitive version of Spider-Man over Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's interpretations, then Holland must be good! Though of course, most of us already knew that after seeing his fantastic performance in Captain America: Civil War. The Sony chairman was also appreciative of the work Marvel Studios has been doing with the film, and he's spoken very highly of the partnership between Sony and Marvel.

On Homecoming's title, Rothman said: "It's relevant to the story because it takes place in high school and there is a scene - that I guess I can give a little thing - at a homecoming dance. I've actually seen the dailies of it because we already did the high school shooting of it in the first couple weeks. It's fantastic! But it's also a homecoming to Marvel. And a homecoming to the cinematic universe that Spider-Man belongs in. So it's a pretty unprecedented deal between two studios, but we're really proud of it. And all I can tell you is, those guys at Marvel - I think the technical term is - they know their sh-t."

Well you can't argue with that! Tom Holland recently posted a behind-the-scenes selfie for Spider-Man: Homecoming which got us even more excited about the film, and after Rothman's kind words, we have a feeling this may just be the best Marvel film yet. And after this partnership, could we see Marvel and Sony team up for a Sinister Six movie? Provided DC's Suicide Squad does well, we think that it's very possible. For regular updates on Spider-Man: Homecoming, click the green subscribe button below. Are you excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Source: IGN

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