Spider-Man Homecoming, will Abraham Attah be playing a young Miles Morales?

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With the news that Abraham Attah has been cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming, we've been wondering whether Sony and Marvel might have added him as Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has got a lot of Spidey fans very excited, and for good reason. It'll be the first Spider-Man movie to have Marvel on board. They're going to be working with Sony on this upcoming movie. Hopefully Marvel's involvement will mean that the film will be far more streamlined and cohesive than the previous Spider-Man films, which were a bit of a mess. We already know that Michael Keaton will be in the movie, possibly playing the Vulture. We've also heard rumors that Donald Glover might be involved with the project, which got us wondering about Miles Morales.

Glover voices the character in the animated series, and was many people's choice for the role when Sony announced that they were going to reboot the Spider-Man franchise back in 2012. They eventually cast Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and made two pretty poor movies. However, Beast of No Nation's Abraham Attah has now joined the Homecoming cast, and we've been wondering whether he could be playing a young version of Miles Morales in the movie.

We already know that Tom Holland is playing the Peter Parker version of Spider-Man. We greatly enjoyed his first outing as the character is Captain America: Civil War. However, Sony's movie boss, Tom Rothman already confirmed that they're going to be working with Marvel on an extended Spider-Man universe, which means that we could see movies like Sinister Six and of course a Miles Morales Spider-Man film. Wouldn't that be great? Rothman also revealed that Sony's giving creative control over to Marvel because "they know what they’re doing.”

Miles Morales' Spider-Man could very well live in the same cinematic universe as Peter Parker's web-slinger, but maybe not in the same actual universe. They could do an alternate timeline story arch, which sees all the different Spider-Men come together to fight a huge, multidimensional threat. They've already done it in the comics (in the Spider-Verse saga, which is worth checking out). The Flash TV series also has done something slightly similar with the parallel Earths. This could be kind of cool and open up the possibility of using characters like Madame Web, and maybe even bring Doctor Strange into the mix.

Or, they could go down a much more conventional route, and have Miles Morales take over from Peter Parker in one of the subsequent movies. In the comics Peter Parker dies and Morales then takes up the mantle. Granted, that would be a very dark thing for Marvel and Sony to do, and would be very harsh on Tom Holland. The reason they cast such a young actor in the role is because they want him to be their Spider-Man for as long as possible, so they probably won't go down that route. Yet we would love to see Miles Morales in these new rebooted Spider-Man movies. We hope they figure out a way to get him involved. Do you think that Abraham Attah will play Miles Morales in Homecoming?

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