Star Wars Episode 8, was Rey created by Snoke using Luke Skywalker's DNA?

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With Star Wars Episode 8 approaching its wrap, talk has once again turned to the topic of Rey's parentage. But is it possible that she doesn't have parents at all?

The Internet has been rife with speculation about who Rey's real parents are ever since The Force Awakens debuted. Is Luke Skywalker her father? Is she a descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Or is she something entirely different? Redditor confusedcryptid posted a theory we've never heard before, and it's a pretty good one! They posit that Rey doesn't actually have any parents, and that instead she's a Force experiment created using Luke Skywalker's DNA. Reddit user confusedcryptid said: "The fact that the Empire had some sort of important research facility that they were so intent on defending during the Battle of Jakku has stimulated interest. What exactly were they defending? I hypothesize that the Empire was conducting weird Force experiments on Jakku, especially since the Emperor seemed to be involved."

They continued: "We know that Force experiments are a thing in the SW universe, such as Darth Plagueis's research. It's even hinted that if one becomes powerful enough, it is possible to manipulate the Force to create life (heavily implied to the circumstances of Anakin's birth). Now, I don't think Rey was another virgin birth. I'm thinking more of a test-tube baby sort of thing. And, perhaps, made using the DNA of none other than Luke Skywalker. If someone got ahold of his lightsaber after it was lost, then why not his hand? Plus, we still get Rey Skywalker without having to hastily shoe-in a mother figure. Snoke has an fascination with the Skywalker bloodline, hence his interest in Ben Organa-Solo. I wouldn't put it past him to experiment with Luke's DNA."

The user added: "I think that shortly after Rey's creation, something went wrong. Maybe she was kidnapped? Something that led the First Order to lose interest in her or believe that she was dead. But somehow, she ended up on her homeplanet of Jakku again, but this time I believe that the research facility had been abandoned for good, so there was nowhere for her to go. Either way, it seems that by this point Snoke was investing in Plan B: Ben."With all the talk that Rey will be the Chosen One in Star Wars: Episode 8, it doesn't seem too far-fetched to propose that this is the case, and the reason she's so sensitive with the Force is because she's an experiment. For regular updates on Star Wars, click the green subscribe button below. In related news, will Darth Maul return to the cinematic universe in Star Wars: Episode 8? What do you think of this Rey theory?

Source: Reddit: @confusedcryptid