Star Wars Episode 8, will Luke make Rey build her own lightsaber?

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A YouTuber may have unveiled a key scene between Luke and Rey which involves lightsabers and how they are made.

WARNING: There could be SPOILERS for Star Wars: Episode 8 in this article!

Ever wondered how lightsabers were made? Ever thought, "I wonder how they can be all those pretty colors?" Well if you watched the Star Wars animated series (Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels), you'd know that it all has to do with things called Kyber crystals. They are the special crystals that give a Jedi's lightsaber, and a Sith's for that matter, its power. The color of the crystal changes given the Jedi's abilities, which in turn gives the lightsaber's blade its unique glow. In order to become a true Jedi, you need to make your own lightsaber, and this requires a crystal. After Luke lost his father's lightsaber, the young Jedi had to make a new one - the green one we see him wield in Return of the Jedi - and it looks like Luke will tell Rey all about the Kyber crystals in Rian Johnson's Episode 8. Check out Mike Zeroh's video below which explains it all.

Mike received an email from an unknown source who apparently sent him some correct information about The Force Awakens in a previous email. We have no idea how this guy gets all this info, but if what he says about Episode 8 is true, then we are in for a pretty cool scene between Luke and Rey. The source describes a scene in which Luke uses the Force to take back his father's blue lightsaber from Rey. He then proceeds to dismantle it, and his very own green lightsaber using the Force.

"Luke closes his eyes and dismantles both lightsabers, all metal and components removed into pieces, all the building blocks of both lightsabers are separated into tiny bits and pieces, leaving only two crystals, one in each hand (green over left and blue over right hand) and informs her about the importance of the Crystals," writes the anonymous source.

If this is indeed true, it'll mean that we'll finally see them address the Kyber crystals in Star Wars films. They've done this in the animated series, but never in the movies before. We'll probably get to see Rey build her own lightsaber and have to undergo rigorous Jedi training under the watchful gaze of her new master, Luke. There are also other rumors which suggest that Luke will reveal the origins of the Jedi to Rey. It sounds like Star Wars: Episode 8 will reveal a lot about the Jedi's history and their long drawn out battle with the Sith. It also seems as if Luke will be pretty powerful in Episode 8. Do you think this will be a part of Episode 8?

Source: YouTube: @MIKE ZEROH

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