Star Wars Episode 8, will Rey be the Chosen One?

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Could Star Wars: Episode 8 see Daisy Ridley's Rey become the Chosen One and bring balance to the Force, much like Anakin Skywalker ended up being in the original saga?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Star Wars: Episode 8!

There have been rumors suggesting that Luke will reveal the origins of the Jedi, and in turn the Force, to Rey in Star Wars: Episode 8. This rumor came via Stormtrooper Larry, who's been right about these sorts of things before, and it's made us think about Rey's parentage once again. Well, maybe not so much parentage, but origins. Apparently Force trees will have a lot to do with it and could actually be linked to the origins of the Jedi and the Sith, and all things Force related. This rumor has us wondering about where Rey came from and the possibility of her being a child of the Force, therefore, she would have no father.

This idea has of course been done before in the Star Wars saga. Anakin Skywalker was meant to be the one to bring order to the Force, and he did end up killing the Emperor, so he could very well be considered to be the 'Chosen One'. There has been talk of there being multiple 'Chosen Ones' and that they could actually all end up on-screen at once, but we find that rumor hard to believe. What's more plausible is that Rey is a product of the Force, a reincarnation of that original girl, who was born for the sole purpose of bringing balance to the Force.

Now, it's likely that Luke will train Rey in the ways of the Force, and we've even discussed in previous articles how he may have trained Rey before. But we're starting to think that Rey's unique abilities with the Force may be a result of her being this fabled Chosen One. Hopefully midichlorians won't be mentioned in this movie, but what Luke could explain is that his father, Anakin, possessed the same abilities and ended up bringing some sort of peace to the galaxy after killing the Emperor. However, Anakin was seduced by the Dark Side, and there could be a real danger of the same thing happening to Rey. We envisage a scene where Rey becomes conflicted between the two sides, and is guided through it by her new master Luke.

Luke's role in all of this may end up being pivotal, due to his knowledge of the Force, the Dark Side and the Light. We've been hearing that Luke will be pretty badass in Star Wars: Episode 8 and may even slay down the Knights of Ren single-handed. However, it's looking more and more likely that Rey is the key to all of this. If you've read The Force Awakens novel, you might recall Kylo's line when he fights Rey. He exclaims, "It's you."

Some people have taken this to suggest that she is his sister or that they knew each other before. We're starting to think that he actually realises Rey is part of a prophesy, that she's the reincarnation of that little girl. It's highly likely that Supreme Leader Snoke suspected this too, which is why he wanted Kylo to bring her to him alive, so that he could test his theory, and turn her to the Dark Side. This is all of course speculation, but it's starting to feel more and more likely that there will be some sort of Harry Potter-esque prophesy involved in Star Wars: Episode 8. Do you think that Rey could be the Chosen One?

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