Suicide Squad, check out all of Jared Leto's Joker footage we've seen so far

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A YouTuber has put all of Jared Leto's scenes as the Joker from Suicide Squad's promotional material together to make one brilliant video. Check it out below.

People have already been raving about Jared Leto's performance as the Joker. David Ayer called Leto's Joker "absolutely incredible". Many of Leto's fellow cast members were also praising his work. Ben Affleck for instance, said that Leto is "masterful" as the Joker. So a lot of people who have worked with Leto have obviously seen something very special. But we can't get too excited about his performance just yet, mainly because we haven't seen Suicide Squad yet. We're not even entirely sure how much of the Joker is going to be in David Ayer's DC Comics movie. It's an incredible turn around considering so many fans were so upset with Leto's look. The tattoos for instance, were felt to be a bit too on the nose, especially the one on his forehead which reads "damaged", or the "hahahaha" he has etched across his torso. Check out YouTuber AparTall's video below for all the glimpses of the Joker that we've seen thus far.

AparTall successfully pieced together all of the Joker's footage from Suicide Squad's promotional material, which is a pretty nifty thing to do and would have been incredibly time consuming. However, despite this video being almost four minutes long, there's only 48 seconds of Joker footage in it. In the second half of the video, AparTall slowed down the same footage so that we could see every little detail from the scenes. It has to be said that Leto's performance looks very interesting indeed. Even though we've only seen bits and pieces of his Joker, we can already tell that he's taken the character in a completely different direction. Whereas Heath Ledger took his Joker down a more realistic route, Leto has embraced the comic books, but has seemingly put his own unique twist on DC's most infamous supervillain. Suicide Squad comes out on August 5. Have you booked your tickets yet?

Source: YouTube: @AparTall