Suicide Squad, which members of Task Force X might die in the movie?

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With Suicide Squad just around the corner we've been wondering which members of the Suicide Squad could end up dying in the movie?

Suicide Squad will hit theatres this summer on August 5, and we really can't wait to watch the movie. We're looking forward to it so much in fact, that we put it in our Summer 2016 movies preview list. It sounds like you've been excited to it too since Suicide Squad's been the most talked about movie on social media. We know relatively little about the film, however, if you're familiar with the comics you'll know that one member of Task Force X tends to bite the dust. So which member of the team won't make it until the end of the movie? Here are our thoughts...

Harley Quinn

OK, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will NOT die in this movie. Firstly, she's too much of a box office pull and there's a lot of story to tell about her. Fans love both Robbie and Quinn and we've already heard that she'll be involved in a Suicide Squad spinoff movie. VERDICT: SAFE.


If you enlist an actor like Will Smith for a role, his agents would have made sure that his character will be one of the main protagonists and that he won't die in the movie, unless it's an incredibly emotional death scene. We do not believe that Deadshot will die in this movie, mainly because he's an integral part of the team and the fact that DC Films could do a lot with the character in the future. Will Smith's already announced his interest in appearing alongside Ben Affleck in the Batman solo movie. VERDICT: SAFE.

Captain Boomerang

Aussie actor Jai Courtney's has the pleasure of bringing Captain Boomerang to life in Suicide Squad. Originally Tom Hardy had been cast in the role, but he unfortunately had to quit the project due to scheduling conflicts. In stepped Jai Courtney. On the bright side, he's an actual Australian, so at least he'll get the accent right. However, he's failed to impress in his other films. But he seemed quite funny in the trailers. Boomerang's a difficult character, yet is also one of DC Comics' most well-known villains, and for that reason we think he'll be sticking around until the end of the film. VERDICT: SAFE.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc is one of DC's and Batman's most notorious villains, and has proven to be incredibly resilient. He's nigh on indestructible. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will be portraying him and he looks suitably beastly as the half-man, half-crocodile mutant. Due to his important stature within DC's comics we feel that Killer Croc will be staying alive in Suicide Squad, and we'll probably end up seeing him in a Batman movie, which would be awesome. VERDICT: SAFE.

Rick Flag

This one's more tricky. Rick Flag, played by Joel Kinnaman in the movie, is Task Force X's leader. He's the only real member of the Suicide Squad who isn't a villain, apart from Katana. We think they'll be a real power play between Rick and Deadshot for the leader spot. They'll both want to be top dog and we're thinking that Rick Flag may end up being the one who ends up dying. Firstly, it could be a moment which brings the whole team together to fight a common enemy, and secondly it would pave the way for Deadshot to take over control of the Squad. VERDICT: UNSAFE.


Cara Delevingne will be playing Enchantress. She's a very powerful individual, full of dark magic however she wasn't always that way. In the comics Enchantress was once known as June Moone, and she ends up gaining her magical powers after she comes face to face with an evil presence and is given her magical powers by an unknown being so that she can fight this strange entity. Over the course of the comics her dark side takes over and we believe this is what's going to happen in the movie. There have been rumors that she might even be one of the film's main villains, so she's in danger of dying towards the end of the movie. VERDICT: UNSAFE.

El Diablo

This is another tricky one since El Diablo's been a constant member of the Suicide Squad, however, he's not really one of DC's most well-known villains. For that reason, we could easily see him dying in Suicide Squad. Jay Hernandez will be portraying this fire wielding bad guy. However, in the comics he's often been depicted as a noble and religious character, who's done bad things in his past but is always trying to make amends and for that reason we can see him sacrificing himself for the good of the team. VERDICT: UNSAFE.


We're going to be honest here, we don't know much about Slipknot. We know that he shares a name with a heavy metal band and that he's good at making knots. Canadian actor Adam Beach and for his sake we hope that they've found an interesting way to develop the character. The fact that he's not one of the most well known DC villains could mean that he'll be in for the chop, but it also leaves a lot of room to play with the character. But unfortunately we feel that he could very well die in this movie. Yet there's always hope... VERDICT: UNSAFE.

Amanda Waller

OK, we know that she's not technically part of the Suicide Squad, but we really believe that Viola Davis' Amanda Waller might die in this film. Firstly, it's never a good idea to make a load of supervillains resent you, and buy using them as an expendable secret task force is a very good way of making them mad. Secondly, her death would be very significant. It could be used as a plot device to bring the squad together, to make them realise that they are better as a team. For this reason, we feel that killing off Amanda Waller is a very real possibility. VERDICT: UNSAFE.


Out of all the members of the Suicide Squad, we think that Katana is one who's most likely to die. Firstly, she's not a villain. That never bodes well when you're fighting with a team of bad guys. Secondly, she's had such a traumatic past that she might very well welcome death. Her katana sword, referred to as the Soul Taker, does exactly what it says on the tin; it takes the souls of the ones it kills. We honestly think that Katana will die in Suicide Squad, and she may not be the only one. VERDICT: DEAD AS A DODO! Who do you think will die in Suicide Squad?

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