Supergirl Season 2: Tyler Hoechlin will play Superman in the DC TV universe

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Superman will finally arrive in the DC TV universe with a fresh new face, as Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as the Man of Steel in Supergirl Season 2!

Huge news this week for the DC TV universe over on The CW, as the Supergirl Twitter account reports that Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as Superman in Supergirl Season 2! Superman has always had a little presence in the first season of Supergirl, but it was always very minor and we never saw his face, so the fact that someone has been cast as Clark Kent and the spandex-wearing superhero suggests that Superman will play a much more active role in Supergirl from now on. Of course, he won't take precedence over Supergirl because it isn't his show, but it does open up the possibility of Superman appearing in other sister shows like Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Legends is already planning to feature the Justice Society of America next season, so with Superman's introduction, could we see The CW begin to build towards an epic Justice League crossover?

It's possible, though of course there are a few players missing at the moment. We already have Superman, The Flash and Martian Manhunter, but we're also missing major characters like Wonder Woman, Batman and Aquaman. A Batman series on The CW is probably a way off yet because of FOX's Gotham, and DC is probably hesitant to allow new TV properties to develop Wonder Woman and Aquaman while they're building the big screen versions. An Aquaman series set in Atlantis would be fantastic though because it would be so different from The CW shows we've seen so far, so we hold out hope. It's unlikely that we'll get a spin-off series starring solely Superman though, as it would be too similar to Supergirl. Still, a Superman crossover is a very exciting prospect! For regular updates on Supergirl Season 2, click the green subscribe button below. Who from the Justice League would you like to see introduced into the DC TV universe next?

Source: Twitter: @TheCWSupergirl