Supernatural needs Charlie Bradbury, here's our pitch for Season 12!

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Supernatural is one of the longest running series on television at the moment, still going strong at eleven seasons, but here at melty we feel that Sam and Dean's story is coming to a natural end and that the series needs a reset. Read our pitch for Season 12 below!

While we love Sam and Dean, nearly every fan agrees that the series was in its heyday back in Season 5. The series was only originally meant to last five seasons, and while some great stories have been told as a result of extending beyond Season 5, there's only so far you can go without repeating themes or retreading over old ground. The Winchester brothers have understandably lost their sense of humor and love for life over the years, and consequently they're consumed by angst. They've put family before the universe countless times, and once they've defeated The Darkness, we think it would be a good time to bring their story to a natural close. In our list of five things we'd like to see before the end of Supernatural Season 11, we said we wanted a reset, and that's exactly what we propose.

Here's how we think it should go. After an epic battle between God and Amara, The Darkness is vanquished and disappears into the Empty, while God retreats to Heaven and re-establishes his rule there, keeping the angels in line. God decides that the angels and demons have caused too much destruction on Earth, and casts a spell to prevent either of them from walking the surface of the planet again. The exceptions to this rule are Crowley and Castiel, who are placed permanently on earth to act as safeguards for the spell. As long as they live, the forces from Heaven and Hell cannot cross. The Winchesters finally retire from a life of hunting and live a peaceful life, and the world seems well. That is, until Castiel goes missing.

Crowley has no idea where Cas has gone but God notices his absence, and begins to make inquiries. He can't locate his precise location, but he decides that Castiel's unexplained disappearance poses a threat to the peace that he has created, and so he enlists Crowley to go and investigate. While the Winchester brothers would be the most experienced candidates to tackle the problem, their self destructive tendencies could create more problems than they solve, and so God decides that they've earned their rest. Instead, he resurrects an old acquaintance of theirs - Charlie Bradbury. She's pure of heart and a talented hunter, which makes her ideal for the job. Together Crowley and Charlie head to Eastern Europe, where several monsters from America are flocking to, and investigate a new supernatural threat that's arising there.

Eastern Europe would be a fantastic new location for the series to go to because its folklore and culture is very different to that in America, which makes for a refreshing change of scenery. While Charlie and Crowley could come up against old monsters that Sam and Dean have faced before, there's a whole host of new creatures that European folklore provides. Examples include vila (nymphs that have the power over winds and storms), blajin (dead children who did not receive the blessing of a holy spirit), dhampir (the result of a union between human and vampire) and more, the list goes on. Two hunters trying to stop undead children murdering everybody in a town by tracking down the corrupt spirit that made them that way sounds like classic Supernatural! In arriving in Eastern Europe, Crowley would also quickly learn that he has lost his immortality and powers, so as to increase the dramatic stakes and make things more interesting to watch.

That's what we would want to capture in focusing on a new set of protagonists in Supernatural. Sam and Dean lack the lust and joy for life in Supernatural Season 11, while Charlie and Crowley have always been upbeat and sassy characters who are entertaining to watch. The pairing of Charlie and Crowley also has some fantastic potential in an initially antagonistic relationship, with each of them reluctant to work with the other. Charlie isn't likely to want to work with the King of Hell, and Crowley isn't exactly going to be a big fan of risking his life by travelling into the unknown either. However, they'll eventually come to respect each other, and even enjoy each other's company. Aside from hunting monsters, the Crowley-Charlie pairing would also provide a brilliant dynamic to watch because they're both in huge transition periods in their lives. Crowley will have to learn to cope with his new-found mortality while Charlie has to re-adjust to being alive again. Heck, there's even room for Crowley to struggle with the temptation to go back to his evil roots and benefit from the conflict.

As to why Castiel is kidnapped, we'd like the parent series to take a leaf from its spin-off show Supernatural: Bloodlines. In the short-lived series, there were multiple monster crime families in Chicago, all of them vying for control. While we wouldn't want to see gangs in Supernatural Season 12, it would be great to see multiple different factions of monsters who prey on each other as well as on hunters and other humans. One particularly ambitious family could hear that Castiel is the last angel in the world and use a lorebook similar to the Book of the Damned to try and draw energy from him to become more powerful, while also trying to kill him to unleash the forces of Heaven and Hell back onto the world. This Big Bad wants absolute chaos, so they're free to wage war on humanity while everyone is distracted by the celestial conflict.

Crowley and Charlie would find a way to avert this threat of course, and the angels and demons would be kept locked away. There's plenty of room for Supernatural Season 13 to take place with warring factions, and in the long-term, potentially room for a second Apocalypse and an all out war between humans and monsters, to end the series once and for all.

For regular updates on Supernatural, click the green subscribe button below! There's some time yet before the series resumes, but Jared Padalecki has been teasing Sam's relationship with God in Supernatural Season 11, so could we finally see God make an appearance this year? What do you think of our pitch for Season 12?

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  • Oh heck no. No Winchesters, no Supernatural.
  • Great Idea, Great Story. But it wouldn't work. within 3 weeks it would lose most of it's viewership who unfortunately simply follow the series for the very yummy Sam and Dean duo. I absolutely love Charlie. Felicia Day is my Female celebrity crush. and Crowley is awesome as a character but I'm afraid that without the two main protagonist Supernatural was born with, the series would soon fizzle out. However AM totally for Charlie joining forces with the Wayward Sisters if that spin off actually happens.
  • Absolutely love the Charlie bit! It might work better with Crowley being kidnapped though, as Cas would give a more somber tone and would be another tie straight to the Winchesters. Also, in no possible universe can I see Sam and Dean retiring. A more viable solution would be to have your storyline but have a secondary conflict be that Dean and Sam have lost their memories and are living domestically but they are still in danger. Domesticity could show the boys a way to live without hunting and could lead to an eventual retirement, even if it is just being a hunter communication system like Bobby operated.