Supernatural Season 12 is happening with new showrunners

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As Jeremy Carver leaves the hit CW drama after its eleventh season, the new showrunners for Supernatural Season 12 have been revealed, and the series is left in very safe hands. Warning: this article contains spoilers for the Season 11 finale

Supernatural Season 11 has finally reached its climax, and the writers will soon be hard at work for Season 12. We've pitched our own vision of Supernatural Season 12 starring Charlie Bradbury to you, but that most certainly is not the route the showrunners will be taking. There may be some change in creative direction though, as TVLine reported that Jeremy Carver will be stepping down from his showrunner role in order to focus on his new thriller Frequency that will be coming to The CW. The new showrunning team will consist of Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb, both of whom worked on Supernatural prior. Singer has been with the series since its first season, while Dabb joined the writing team in Season 4 and has stuck with Supernatural since.

So should we expect some radical change in direction for the show? In all likelihood, probably not. These names were big players before behind-the-scenes in the show and have significantly contributed to what we've seen on screen so far anyway, but it'll be interesting to see where they take the show now that we've finally closed a lid on God and Amara. Many fans would love to see a return to the monster of the week format, and while it looks like that may be the case as a big bad monster wasn't set up in the Season 11 finale, we do have an antagonist in the form of the London Branch of the Men of Letters that the Winchesters may have to do battle with. And with Mary Winchester back in the world, what role will she play in their lives? For regular updates on Supernatural click the green subscribe button below, and don't forget to check out our review of the Supernatural Season 11 finale. How do you feel about the change in leadership?

Source: TVLine