Supernatural Season 12: Jared Padalecki reveals Sam Winchester's fate

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Did Sam Winchester get shot at the end of Supernatural Season 11: Episode 23? While speaking about Supernatural Season 12, star Jared Padalecki has revealed what happened to Sam in the season finale.

The Supernatural Season 11 finale left us with a couple of questions unanswered. Was that really Mary Winchester? And did that Woman of Letters just kill Sam? Supernatural Season 12 finally has a premiere date but it's awhile off so unfortunately we won't be finding out anytime soon...or rather, we wouldn't if Jared Padalecki hadn't let the cat out of the bag regarding Sam's fate! Speaking to TVLine about his character's fate at the Saturn Awards, Padalecki said: "She shot him. I don’t know where, but I know she shot him. What else is new – Sam gets injured. At least I'm not getting tortured - yet." Oh Padalecki you tease! It appears he's telling the truth otherwise he wouldn't have revealed that he doesn't know where, but judging by Lady Toni's face when she shot him, could Sam have survived?

To be fair to him, Sam's survived worse. Back in "Red Meat" Sam survived a seemingly fatal gunshot wound and came out alright, so there doesn't appear to be any real threat here, unless he was killed. Even then, while Billie the reaper said that if either Sam or Dean died she wouldn't bring them back, following the events with The Darkness and God, we're sure Sam and Dean would find some way to reverse it. We've made our own pitch for Supernatural Season 12 that stars Charlie Bradbury rather than Sam and Dean, but it's clear that Supernatural won't be getting rid of its two leads anytime soon, so there's really no question about whether Sam will survive or not. For regular updates on Supernatural Season 12, click the green subscribe button below. Are you excited by the cliffhangers from the Season 11 finale?

Source: TVLine