Supernatural Season 12: Misha Collins teases "badass, warrior" Castiel

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Castiel may have been through a lot the past few seasons, but he's back to his full strength self next season! Misha Collins teases Castiel's development in Supernatural Season 12.

Misha Collins did a fantastic job playing Lucifer last season, but speaking to Nerdist, the actor has revealed that he'd like to take Castiel back to his roots to the full-powered warrior that he used to be. Collins recounted that near the end of Season 11 he was asked where he'd like to take the character next, and he said: "I would love to have him go back to his badass, warrior quality from seasons four and five. But every time I have ever predicted or tried to predict where things were going for the show or my character, I’ve been wrong. So I fully expected for that to not be what was going to happen. But it actually, as this season is unfolding, it feels like that is what’s happening. Cas has got his mojo back. Finally. I’m so excited about that. I’m excited to see it unfold. I have a feeling that the fans won’t be disappointed."

The earlier iterations of Castiel were our favorite versions of the character, so we can't wait to see Misha go back to that. So now that Cas is no longer possessed by Lucifer, does that mean we'll get some long overdue Destiel time? Inevitably we'll get some, but perhaps not as much as you'd expect. Jared Padalecki has been vocal about wanting more Samstiel in Supernatural Season 12 (that is, more Sam and Castiel scenes), but either way it's going to be great to see a Castiel who is no longer weak, suffering or vulnerable. For updates whenever we post an article on Supernatural, click the green subscribe button below. And if you haven't heard, Supernatural Season 12 finally has a premiere date, along with several other CW shows. Are you excited to see a more badass Castiel?

Source: Nerdist