Sziget Festival 2015: Limp Bizkit, Martin Garrix, the final day!

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This year's Sziget Festival came to a close this evening following an explosive end show from DJ Martin Garrix, as well as a glorious return to form for nu-metal legends Limp Bizkit. Read on for our recap of Day 7

Ah, Sziget. How we'll miss you. Between perfectly baked French pastries every morning and hilariously-themed mini-parties every night, as well as some incredible live performances from the likes of Florence + The Machine, Ellie Goulding and alt-J, we've spent an exhilarating week on the Island of Freedom. Unfortunately, however, all good things must come to an end. This evening, the festival wrapped up with its hotly-anticipated End Show, after which more than 300,000 desiccated festival-goers began packing up their tents and stumbling into planes, trains and automobiles to head back to their respective countries. Yesterday, we brought you our live review of Major Lazer and Kings of Leon's stunning sets on the Main Stage, and this evening, Dutch DJ Martin Garrix closed the show after an electric performance by nu-metal veterans Limp Bizkit. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This morning, we woke up to find (to our delight) that it had rained in the night, bringing the temperature below 25° for the first time since we arrived Monday morning. Adorably, our last breakfast at our dear foor bar consisted of a bundle of miniature pastries, with the kitchen team doing their best to set us up for the festival's final day, and nearly all the people we came across were visibly reluctant to leave the island, despite being hungover, covered in mud and exhausted beyond belief.

Unfortunately, there was no mini-party waiting for us ahead of the headline acts this evening, but all was forgiven when Limp Bizkit exploded onto the Main Stage at 7:30pm. Fred Durst and his merry band of lunatics might have made their debut onto the music scene more than twenty years ago, but you'd never know it judging from this evening's relentless set. The band performed with an energy that would put musicians half their age to shame: time has yet to take its toll on Durst's undeniably powerful voice, and guitarist Wes Borland showed off some impressive technical skill throughout the set (the kind of skill that, dare we say it, we wouldn't rush to associate with one of the most frequently-mocked bands in the music industry.) The guys knew exactly what the crowd, many of whom remembered them fondly from their heyday, wanted to hear: all the hits from breakthrough album Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water were duly performed, along with a sprinkling of songs from their latest effort, 2008's Gold Cobra. Limp Bizkit might be a band that music critics love to hate, but here at melty we've no time for snobbery: we loved the band back in the day, in spite of their appalling dress sense and questionable album titles, and we're pleased (and pretty impressed) to see that their enthusiasm still hasn't waned despite two decades in the business.

The evening wrapped up with a stellar performance from Martin Garrix, and we can officially confirm that the audience assembled in front of the Main Stage was by far the largest since the festival opened its doors on Monday. In spite of his tender years, the 19-year-old wunderkid was a consummate professional on stage and the atmosphere in the crowd was nothing short of electric, before a masterful fireworks display brought the festivities to a close. We've spent one of the most memorable weeks of our lives on the Island of Freedom, and surprisingly, we're sad to leave (even if we're salivating at the thought of finally being able to sleep in our own beds.) Stay tuned for our roundup of the festival's highlights, coming soon on melty, but for now, we're off to bed. Seven days on no sleep? We think we've reached our limit. If you missed the beginning of our Hungarian adventures, check out our recap of Day 1 of Sziget 2015. See you soon.

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