Milky Chance at Sziget Festival 2015: "We definitely want to try new things on the next record" (EXCLUSIVE)

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Following their superb live performance at this year's Sziget Festival, we sat down with Milky Chance singer/guitarist Clemens Rehbein to discuss the band's plans for their second album. Read on to find out more

We're huge fans of Milky Chance here at melty, and several months after their exclusive showcase back in March, we caught up with singer Clemens Rehbein at this year's Sziget Festival. The German folk-electronica duo are currently in the middle of a mammoth international tour, having flown to Budapest just days after giving a sold out concert in Portland, Oregon, but that didn't stop Rehbein from talking to us about what the pair have in store for their next album (their first effort, 2013's Sadnecessary, went on to peak at #3 on the U.S. Billboard Chart.) Check out our review of the band's performance alongside Limp Bizkit and Martin Garrix at the end of the festival's final day, and read on to find out what you can expect from their sophomore release.

Asked whether the band's incessant touring schedule will ever slow down, Rehbein confirmed: "We'll stop touring and we'll have some privacy and take some time to write new songs. I think we need some time to calm down and get away from all this touring, the attention and all the people. [This] is important when you want to focus on music again and on songwriting." Rehbein went on to suggest that the duo's experiences in the U.S. have had an impact on their writing style, saying: "I don't know if the ideas I got on the tour are influencing my songs. I just do songwriting all the time and I write about what I feel and what I see so it can be everything... We definitely want to try out new things. For example, we want to use... not samples, but we want to use natural sounds and build everything up along." Frustratingly, there's still no news about when we can expect the pair's second album to hit the shelves, but we can't deny that they've earned a break. Watch the interview in full above, and let us know if you're excited for Sadnecessary's followup! In other news, check out what The Subways' bassist Charlotte Cooper had to say about the band's ten-year career here, and stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Kasabian singer Tom Meighan tomorrow! We spoil you, we know. Did you manage to get tickets for this year's Sziget Festival?

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