The 100: Marie Avgeropoulos describes Season 4 Octavia as "a double-edged sword"

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We wouldn't mess with Octavia on her good days, let alone after her one true love has been killed... Marie Avgeropoulos recently teased how dark O will become in The 100's fourth season

Poor Octavia - she never seems to catch a break, does she? From the moment she was born, O was a misfit. In a world of one-baby families, she was surplus to requirements, a tag that she has never really been able to shirk. Even on the ground (where she found her feet far quicker than the other Sky Crew members), O has always been on the outside looking in, only truly finding refuge when with Lincoln. But now Lincoln's gone, and her once trustworthy brother let her down. "Perverse Instantiation Part Two" saw Octavia murder Pike in cold blood as revenge for Lincoln's death, which gave an almighty hint as to the path she will take in The 100's fourth season when it airs in 2017. But what does the actress herself, Marie Avgeropoulos, think about O's change for the darker? Speaking to IGN, she shared: "[Killing Pike] was something that she really had to think through but couldn't help doing. It will affect the rest of the group, and the 100, and how they survive."

Addressing Season 4, Avgeropoulos shared: "Next season you're going to see Octavia take an even darker turn into the depths of her despair and she makes some interesting choices then too. Octavia is going to be a double-edged sword next season." Octavia isn't the only 'loner' in The 100, of course - the failure of A.L.I.E. means Jaha will be equally isolated come 2017 (see what Isaiah Washington shared about his character here). But will Octavia choose to go it alone, or will she find comfort in the company of others? According to Avgeropoulos: "I would hope Octavia does venture out on her own. She can't really trust anybody now to begin with. She's at odds with her own brother because Octavia and Bellamy were sort of enemies this season because he was on Pike's side and he was faced with a lot of difficult decisions... Bellamy's the only family Octavia has. It's going to be tough for her next season." Ah yes, so a 'blood vs bond' theme ahead, then?

Source: IGN