The 100's Lindsey Morgan on Raven vs. A.L.I.E.

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The 100 actress Lindsey Morgan has spoken about the battle of wills between Raven and A.L.I.E., promising that her character isn't about to give in that easily

Hearts were broken across The 100 fandom when Raven realized her memories of Finn were slipping away while attempting to steal the chip-maker with Jasper back in Episode 8, "Terms and Conditions". Now that A.L.I.E. has been confronted with resistance for the first time, how will she react? EP Jason Rothenberg has promised fans that Episode 9 will be "dark", but fortunately, actress Lindsey Morgan has insisted that Raven isn't about to take the A.I.'s attempts to manipulate her memory lying down. Talking to Enstarz at this weekend's WonderCon, Morgan said: "That [AI] story is going to be the main driving force for everything Raven gets herself into in the coming up episodes. I almost like to preview it as Raven versus A.L.I.E.: Fight of the Century, watch them rumble! ... A.L.I.E. doesn't want to let her go at all, and she's going to give her everything she can to hold on to her. Raven isn't afraid of fighting back. It's going to be really intense coming up."

Don't say Jaha didn't warn you, A.L.I.E.: Raven's tougher than she looks. But is she tough enough to cope with the consequences of removing the chip? With her body no longer capable of registering pain, Raven is unaware that her wound has been steadily worsening since she first began working on the project, with Morgan adding: "[Her injury] was one of the biggest factors why Raven even took the chip, and that's the first thing she's going to have to sacrifice now that she's decided she's not sure about it any more... It's just wearing her body and worsening it, [and] because she can't feel it she doesn't know all the damage she's done to it. That's going to become a big factor and play into what's happening in the future." The 100 returns tomorrow night with "Stealing Fire", whose synopsis recently teased big trouble for Octavia and Clarke. Do you think Raven will regret taking A.L.I.E. on?

Source: EnStarz