The 100 Season 3: Alycia Debnam-Carey talks Lexa's death

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We know it's too soon, but you should probably read what The 100's Alycia Debnam-Carey had to say about Lexa's death

The third season of The CW's The 100 has been something of a rollercoaster ride for fans, despite the show's already fearsome reputation when it comes to killing off key characters. With xenophobic dictator Pike now in control of Arkadia, we're wondering whether Bellamy may be forced to kill Lincoln later in Season 3 if his bid to free Kane and Sinclair goes awry, with the trailer for Episode 9 showing a furious Octavia blaming her brother for the trio being taken hostage. Could producers really be about to kill off another Grounder after Lexa's shocking death back in Episode 7, "Thirteen"? Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at this year's PaleyFest Fear The Walking Dead panel, where she offered some interesting insight into her decision to leave the show.

Praising the show's legion of devoted fans, Debnam-Carey said: "I think it’s incredible to see such a passionate response," adding: "I think it’s important for me to note that that decision was never made from a negative point of view; it was never an attempt to bait or to enflame a social issue. It was a creative choice and it didn’t come at the expense of thinking about a social issue - maybe it should have more. But I definitely want fans to think that the love for Lexa on the show and a collaboration that we’ve all made on that show has only come from a good place." The actress went on: "...From experience when I watch TV shows and I see characters leave without a proper explanation or leave with not enough time, I get irritated. I like it when there’s a clean-cut reason or a defining moment where they have to go. Whether that’s death or not, I think that’s subjective... I like Lexa going out with a bang in a way." Crucially, the Commander's death revealed that each successive Grounder leader is able to communicate telepathically with their predecessors via A.I., meaning that we'll be seeing Lexa again before Season 3 of The 100 wraps up. Did you think the character deserved to die?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter