The 100 Season 3: Clexa vs Bellarke, is Clarke destined to be alone?

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The third season of The CW's The 100 returns next year (sob), with Clarke having left Camp Jaha following the attack on Mount Weather. Wracked with guilt, is she doomed to be alone forever? melty takes a look at Bellarke's - and Clexa's - future

We're still getting over the shocking events of The 100 Season 2's finale episode, "Blood Must Have Blood, Pt. 2", which saw Lexa and her army abandon the Sky People minutes before the launch of the siege on Mount Weather. A determined Clarke managed to free her people despite the Commander's treachery, but at a heavy price, taking the decision to murder every man, woman and child inside the mountain. Burdened by guilt, she chose not to accompany Bellamy back to Camp Jaha, heading off into the wilderness as the episode drew to a close. Fans are speculating that despite Lexa's betrayal, Clarke will head to Polis, the Grounder capital, when The 100 Season 3 premieres next year, but is there any hope that the women will repair their friendship after the Grounders sacrified their alliance with the Sky People to cut a deal with Cage? What's more, even if Clarke does eventually rejoin her people, what does this mean for her relationship with Bellamy? Whether you're Team Clexa or Team Bellarke, we have to say, the future doesn't look particularly bright in either case.

Clarke and Bellamy's relationship hasn't always been easy to navigate. Both characters have strong personalities and have, on occasion, jockeyed for position of the leader of the Sky People. Bellamy's devotion to his sister, Octavia, who has never seen eye to eye with Clarke, could certainly hinder a potential romantic relationship between the two, particularly given what Octavia knows about the bomb Cage dropped on Tondc. Will she tell her brother that Clarke knew about the missile and chose not to warn her people? That said, despite being one of the show's more morally upright characters, Bellamy definitely has a soft spot where Clarke is concerned: he helped her pull the lever that irradiated the Mountain, refusing to let her assume such a heavy responsibility by herself, and when Clarke protested that she couldn't live among her people knowing what she'd done, Bellamy insisted that he could give her the forgiveness that she seeks, to no avail. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg recently revealed to ETOnline that even if he wanted to, Bellamy wouldn't be able to follow Clarke, with the task of picking up the pieces following the attack on the Mountain falling to him. Rothenberg commented: "Bellamy is a leader and is responsible and is a hero and will be recognized as such and given responsibilities that he’s never had before. He’s going to have more and more reason to stay there and stay at Camp Jaha as they’re forming this society – and Clarke can’t be there emotionally for now."

Even more complicated, however, is Clarke's relationship with Lexa, who we may or may not see return in time for Season 3. The pair shared a kiss back in Season 2: Episode 14, "Bodyguard of Lies", and many fans of the show see Clexa as the obvious choice for a romantic relationship for Clarke. While Rothenberg has gone on the record as saying that Bellamy and Clarke falling in love is a theme "that's open to interpretation", Clarke and Lexa's relationship is much more subtle. Both characters are strong women that, by chance or by choice, have ended up leading their people (often against their own desires), allowing them to recognize similar characteristics in themselves. A good basis for a romantic relationship? We're not sure. Leaving aside the fact that Lexa was willing to see Clarke and her people die at the hands of the Mountain Men in exchange for the Grounders' safety, it's highly unlikely that either of the women would be able to forget their responsibilities to such an extent that they could pursue a relationship together. As Clarke told Bellamy: "I bear it, so they don't have to." So, do you think that Clarke will manage to find love on the Ground, or is she destined to be alone in order to lead her people? Check out the official synopsis for The 100 Season 3 here, and let us know if you're Team Clexa or Team Bellarke.

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  • Team Lexa
  • I'm completely team bellarke. And I hope they end up together. But I believe something really big will go down between Clarke and lexia, i'm not sure that is a relationship bc lexia left the sky ppl to die. I don't think Clarke can forgive her sooo easy. I think Clarke will be off living on her own. I also would guess that half way through the season Clarke and Bellamy will get together, and they're gonna be in love and Octavia will see this and for her brothers sake not tell him about the bombing and then Clarke does something to make Octavia mad she runs off and tells Bellamy like a brat who doesn't get her way. Or the season will end with them together, and I have a feeling that Octavia will choose the grounders. She 1st has Lincoln, 2nd she was under one of the commanders. (Sorry don't remember her name) 3rd the bombing, and 4th she doesn't like the sky ppl. In this case of her choosing the grounders she will tell Bellamy of the bombing and bc he still loves his sister for what she did and he will still love Clarke. I'm also in complete agreement with Erin007
  • --> njc I just want a compelling plot, a story that makes sense. I haven't seen any tweet from the writers saying Clarke would understand what Lexa did but I wouldn't be surprised either since sometimes it seems they're drunk when they're in front of their PCs, like Jason who said in no way Bob and Eliza were going to Comic con and a few days later he had to apologize... or a writer who said Clexa was a healthy relationship based on understanding since Lexa agreed to not kill O because Clarke had convinced her, when truth is Clarke had to threaten Lexa in order to prevent her from killing O. If that is a healthy relationship... I don't think Lexa and Clarke having an affair in S3 fits into a logical storyline. If Clarke was mad at Finn because he never told her about Raven, can you imagine how mad can Clarke be at Lexa for betraying her and forcing her to slaughter innocent people in M. Weather to rescue her people?? How can anybody think Clarke would degrade herself to be in a relationship with Lexa, is beyond my understanding...