The 100 Season 3, did Clarke and Lexa get the goodbye they deserve?

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The finale of The 100 Season 3 saw many fans appeased as Clarke and Lexa were finally reunited. But was their City of Light farewell all the couple deserved? Here's our view

Before we get started here, we ought to clear something up: Jason Rothenberg (and the rest of The 100 production team, for that matter) got hella stick for killing off Lexa, but it wasn't necessarily their fault. Alycia Debnam-Carey, despite her commitments to The 100, was also a vital cog in the Fear The Walking Dead machine, and when scheduling clashes arise something's gotta give. Unfortunately for us Clexa lovers, it was The 100 that lost a dear fan-favorite, but when Debnam-Carey returned in "Perverse Instantiation Part Two," fans across the world screamed a yelp of delight. But was Clarke and Lexa's reunion in the City of Light the reunion they deserved? Was it, for that matter, the send-off that Lexa so merited? Realistically, Debnam-Carey won't return to The 100 again. With her character deceased, and the City of Light destroyed, there is surely no way back for Lexa.

So to answer our question: yes, we do believe that The 100 Season 3: Episode 16 did justice not just to Lexa, but also to her relationship with Clarke. Despite the unfamiliar backdrop (i.e. it wasn't Polis), we watched the pair combine in a way that only they can, as Clarke's stubborn-mindedness and Lexa's sheer wizardry with a sword were put to the test. What's more, rather than accelarating through the City at a million miles per hour, Rothenberg and co. gave Clexa the chance to say a teary farewell, which more than made up for the rushed, whirlwind events of Episode 7. So to conclude, we never wanted Lexa to die. We, like 99.9% of you at home, considered her one of The 100's most complex, most fantastical characters. However, sometimes one plot line must be cut short in order to let another flourish, and from where we're standing, Clexa's final scene couldn't have been more touching, nor more respectful. Check out some stills from Episode 16 to relive those moments, and please let us know: do you agree with us?

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