The 100 Season 3: Episode 14 sneak peek, Murphy leads a revolution

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What do you get if you combine The CW's dystopian drama, The 100, with FOX's gritty thriller, Prison Break? Why, you get this sneak peek, of course! Watch Murphy attempt an audacious escape below

It's not easy being John Murphy. Nobody trusts him, nobody believes him, and there's a roadblock every which way he turns. The latest Murphy mishap landed him in prison alongside Pike and Indra, but we can expect the trio to attempt an audacious prison break come Episode 14 - check out the trailer here! A brand new sneak peek of "Roadblock" begins with a Grounder entering the cell, accompanied by A.L.I.E. (in his head, at least). The A.I. notices the cuts on Pike's body (courtesy of a bloodthirsty Indra), and orders Mr. Grounder to search for the "unchained" prisoner. Cue Indra unveiling some pretty fierce fight moves, that culminate in Pike and co. freeing themselves from their cuffs. But what next? Episode 14 has been touted as the moment that Murphy shows what he's really made of, and his redemption begins right here: "Jaha's backpack," he announces. "It runs the A.I. and I'm pretty sure that if we destroy it, we can destroy her." Now you're talking, Jon boy! Time to get to work!

Pike then cobbles together a make-shift plan that essentially involves the other nondescript prisoners distracting Jaha, whilst he, Indra and Murphy head for the pack: "Do you want to save your people or not?" he asks Indra. Murphy pledges to accompany his old teacher, to which Pike says: "Your father would be proud." Woooo, you go Glen Coco / John Murphy! And voilà - the sneak peek comes to a close! You can also check out the spoiler photos for Episode 14 if you're interested - they're all about Luna, Luna, Luna. And that, as they say, is that in terms of Episode 14 previews. The 100 is building up to a pretty epic Season 3 finale, I think we can all agree. The net is slowly but surely closing in on A.L.I.E. and Jaha, but the latter has been known to wriggle free from dire-looking situations in the past... Will he manage it again?

Source: Twitter: @cwthe100