The 100 Season 3: Episode 15 sneak peek, Clarke seeks Roan's cooperation

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So Luna refused to be Clarke's knight in shining armor, but maybe Roan can fill the role? This sneak peek of The 100 Season 3: Episode 15 sees the pair in deep discussion

The finale of The 100 Season 3 fast approaches - there are just two episodes remaining, people! Episode 14 saw A.L.I.E's master plan almost thwarted by a Raven / Murphy double-team, but the sneaky bugger survived to fight another day. That other day is on the horizon though, and this time Clarke will be enlisting the help of an old enemy: Roan. The Episode 15 trailer sees the pair unite in a bid to take down that son of a bitch, but how does our heroine convince the Ice Nation king to join her? Look no further, as The CW has released a brand new sneak peek of "Perverse Instantiation Part One"! It begins with our Luna adventurers returning to Arkadia, joining up with Raven and Monty once again. Monty and Jasper exchange the cutest of hellos (the #bromance is back on!), but then the news breaks that they couldn't convince Luna to join their cause.

However, they somehow have a Roan in their possession (apparently Bellamy shot him - classic Bell), and Clarke wants him to join their team. With the mighty force of the Ice Nation behind her, Clarke believes she can end A.L.I.E. and Jaha's reign of terror for good, but Roan remains skeptical. He explains how he wants an Ice Nation Commander to rule the thirteen clans (and understandably so, we might add), but doesn't know how Clarke can get him his prize. Ah, but she has the Flame! She and Bell explain their plan (to insert the Flame into Ontari's head, essentially rendering her the Heda), using the threat of A.L.I.E's evil A.I. to lure him in: "You should be [scared]," says Bellamy. "This thing doesn't care what clan you're from. It control people, and it will take over the ICe Nation just like it took us over, one person at a time, until there is nobody leave." So then, Roan finds himself in an impossible situation. But will he help Clarke get what she needs? Check back soon to see our Episode 15 recap!

Source: YouTube: @PromoVision