The 100 Season 3: Episode 5 trailer, the Sky People start a war with the Grounders

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The tension is rising between the Grounders and Sky People more than ever before, now that Pike's in charge. Watch The 100 Episode 5 ("Hakeldama") trailer to see the trouble Pike's caused

Last week's episode of The 100 featured internal conflict for both the Grounders and the Sky People. The Ice Queen pulled a coup d'état and Lexa was forced to fight Roan for her life, as teased in The 100 Season 3: Episode 4 clip. Lexa ain't the Commander of the 12 Clans for nothing; she gained the upper hand on Roan, but instead of killing him she killed Queen Nia, and named Roan King of the Ice Nation. Meanwhile Pike wanted to strike back against the Grounders for what the Ice Nation did to his people inside Mount Weather. He riled up the Sky People and encouraged their dislike for the Grounders. The people at Arkadia voted for Pike to be their new Chancellor and his first official act was to attack a Grounder army that was just outside the camp's walls. The problem with this is that the Grounder army was sent to protect the Sky Crew and keep the peace if any of the Ice Nation Grounders came to cause problems. Catch up with our Episode 4 recap of The 100 Season 3 if you missed out on the action.

The Episode 5 trailer begins with Clarke and Lexa coming across the Grounder army that's been completely wiped out by Pike and his men. The scene is quite shocking as we see the ground covered with hundreds of dead bodies, and Lexa and Clarke are stunned by the sight. Pike then tells the Sky People: "This land is ours now!" It's the age-old story of people coming into new land like they own the place, and killing the previous inhabitants. Clarke declares that what happened to the Grounder army is an act of war. We then see Octavia walking through the field of dead bodies, this must really put the nail in the coffin of her relationship with Bellamy, who is also responsible for what happened to the Grounders. It's no secret that Octavia would rather lead the life of a Grounder than Arker, so the fact that her brother is going around mass murdering armies is not going to win Octavia any points in the Grounder community. Kane is horrified at what the new Chancellor did, and tells Bellamy: "You attacked an army, who was here to help us." It seems like Kane talked a bit of sense into Bellamy, who tells Pike: "We went too far." So where do things go from here, and how will the Grounders react? It looks like we'll have to tune in Thursday to find out. How do you think the Grounders will retaliate?

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