The 100 Season 3: Episode 6 recap, you reap what you sow

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The 100 is rife with internal struggle for both the Sky People and the Grounders in Episode 6 ("Bitter Harvest"). The two groups are also tittering on the brink of war. Catch up on all the drama with our recap

The 100 Episode 6 begins with Lexa waking up from a nightmare; she tells Clarke that she thinks it's a warning message from the previous Commanders. "Blood must have blood" has always been the way of her people, but Clarke comforts Lexa and tells her that she stopped a war by declaring a ceasefire. The previous installment saw Pike and his men murder a Grounder army sent to protect the Sky People and keep the peace. Lexa was furious when she found out about what happened, but Clarke convinced her to break the cycle of violence. If you missed out of the results of Pike's new reign as Chancellor check out our Episode 5 recap of The 100 Season 3. Titus enters the room that Lexa and Clarke are in with a huge box that's from King Roan, which is supposed to serve as proof of Azgeda's loyalty to Lexa. They open the bow and see that Emerson, the last surviving Mountain Man, is bound and gagged inside. As soon as Emerson sees Clarke he tries to attack her, but Lexa orders her men to lock him up in a cell.

Lexa spies on a group of Pike's followers who are collecting water and soil samples outside the wall. The crew is heavily armed and when a Grounder child wanders into their vicinity they try to kill him so that he doesn't go back to the Grounders and tell them what he saw. A chase ensues and Octavia saves the boy, but tells Kane that he needs to figure out what Pike is up to and why his crew was willing to kill a child to keep it under wraps. Back at Arkadia Kane and Miller put a bug in the Chancellor's office to find out what Pike is up to. Kane, Miller and Octavia listen in on Pike's meeting and learn that he plans to clear the surrounding areas to start growing crops. This means that all Grounders inhabitants in that area must be dealt with. Bellamy tries to convince Pike that they don't need to kill the Grounders, especially since Lexa declared a ceasefire, but Pike insists that the Grounders gotta go and Bellamy eventually consents.

Raven has a checkup with Abby and declares that the pain in her leg is gone. But Abby is suspicious of the key to the City of Light, or 'Lightie' as we've named it, that Jaha gave Raven. Jaha's distributing Lighties to a line of people like it's alter bread, and his group of followers grows bigger and bigger each day. Jaha and A.L.I.E. ask Raven to search for a Version 2 of A.L.I.E.'s code that they believe is somewhere in the Ark's computer system. What they don't tell Raven is that they're searching for the upgrade of the computer program that ended the world. Abby confiscates Jaha's Lighties and declares that she's shutting him down until she runs scientific tests on them. When Abby asks Jaha if he would give a Lightie to Wells without testing it first Jaha seems to have no recollection of his son. Jaha insists that he's just trying to help eliminate people's pain, but Abby sees that it's taking away more than that. Jaha is worried about Abby stopping them, but A.L.I.E. reveals that Abby's assistant Jackson has joined them, and he assures them that he'll keep an eye on Abby. After looking everywhere Raven is unable to find the backup A.I. on any of the Ark's twelve computer ships, but Jaha reveals that there was actually a thirteenth ship called Polaris.

Octavia goes to a Grounder village to try to save the people's lives by warning them to leave. She knows that Lexa will surely declare war if she finds out that Pike and the Sky Crew have murdered more of her people. The Grounders leave their village, but they don't trust Octavia so they knock her out, tie her up and set a trap for the Sky Crew. When the gang arrives at the village it looks deserted, so they go inside to look around. Octavia manages to free herself from her constraints and warns Bellamy that they're walking into a trap, but the Grounders shoot flaming arrows from a nearby hilltop which sets fire to wooden planks and releases a poisonous gas into the air. The Sky Crew blames Octavia for the Grounders' knowledge of their attack and the subsequent death of two of their people, and believe that there's a traitor in their midst. Pike is angry with Octavia's interference and knows that it's Kane who's feeding her information, however Pike has no proof so he orders Bellamy to find some.

Lexa asks Clarke what she thinks should happen to Emerson, and Clarke immediately answers that he should die for what he did. Lexa then calls Clarke out on her hypocrisy saying "blood must not have blood," but only when it's her people that bleeds. Emerson's life is left in Clarke's hands, she can spare it and banish him or deliver him death herself. When it comes time to kill Emerson, Clarke declares that she will not take his life because "blood must not have blood." Lexa uses this to set an example to the other Grounders who are present, to Titus's great displeasure. Titus had hoped that Clarke would kill Emerson to falter her argument of peace, believing that Lexa's new push for harmony will result in her death. It turns out that Titus is keeping Murphy locked up at Polis; after Murphy has revealed everything he knows about Clarke Titus then questions him about the Lightie he had on him. As teased in The 100 Episode 7 trailer, Titus will push for a war with the Sky People after learning about the incident with Grounder village. Do you think Lexa will continue to keep the peace, or will she declare war?

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