The 100 Season 3: Episode 9, a MAJOR character to die?

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The 100 returns from a two-week hiatus tonight with "Stealing Fire", and according to TechNews, a HUGE death could be about to take place

The third season of The CW's critically acclaimed The 100 returns to screens tonight with its ninth episode, with the action set to return to Polis following the death of Commander Lexa back in Episode 7, "Thirteen". It was revealed earlier this week that a Periscope user named Caroline Belle had filmed the first thirteen minutes of "Stealing Fire", revealing that (SPOILER) could be about to succeed Lexa as Commander of the Grounders. That's not all, folks: now TechNews is apparently citing the same footage as proof that a key character is set to be killed off in tonight's installment. The recording has since been deleted, but all the same, we'd warn those of a spoiler-sensitive nature to stop reading right now, juuuuuuust in case.

The synopsis for "Stealing Fire" reads as follows: “Clarke discovers a shocking truth, and Octavia is forced to make a decision that could have devastating consequences." The site asserts that Octavia corners her brother in the woods and stabs him in the neck, killing him. Now, the trailer for Season 3 showed a furious Octavia beating her brother black and blue, and we know that she blames him for Lincoln being captured alongside Pike and Sinclair. What's more, EP Jason, Rothenberg has promised more key deaths throughout the rest of Season 3. However, we also know from Episode 10's synopsis that Bellamy has to face up to a "hard truth", meaning that unless "Fallen" takes place entirely through flashbacks, Bellamy survives Octavia's alleged attack. In short, she may well stab him, but it's unlikely that he'll die.

Of course, this is where A.L.I.E.'s happy chip could come in. If Octavia does attack her brother with the intention of killing him - which, despite Bellamy's loyalty to Pike, seems unlikely given their close relationship - or, alternatively, if she simply gets carried away with anger, she could end up turning to Raven and Jaha to help heal his injuries. As we know, though, using A.L.I.E.'s technology comes with a price. Are these the 'devastating consequences' that Octavia has to face up to? After all, actress Marie Avgeropoulos revealed to IGN back in February that Bellamy would do something that would "forever change" the siblings' relationship, confirming: "He does something horrible." Let us know if you think we're way off the mark - or not - in the comments.

Source: TechNews / IGN