The 100 Season 3: Episode 9 to be "dark"

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The third season of The 100 returns to screens March 31 with its ninth episode ("Stealing Fire"), and according to EP Jason Rothenberg, fans should get ready for a "dark" installment

The trailer for The 100 Season 3: Episode 9 showed Kane, Sinclair and Lincoln on death row after their failed rebellion against Pike, but with "Stealing Fire" not set to air until March 31, fans are going to have to wait just a little longer to find out whether Bellamy's rescue attempt is ultimately successful. We last saw Clarke struggling to deal with Lexa's controversial death back in Episode 7 ("Thirteen"), an unpopular decision that earned the show's creators a barrage of social media criticism from viewers. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg recently spoke about Lexa's exit from The 100, before going on to reveal what's in store for her former lover when the series returns at the end of the month. It looks like we'll be heading back to Polis to watch Clarke deal with the fallout surrounding Lexa's passing, with Rothenberg promising a "dark" episode.

Speaking to, Rothenberg revealed: "Episode 3.09 is amazing. It’s another dark episode. We know that certain characters are in jail, we come back to Polis and we pick up in the aftermath of Lexa’s death and we begin to understand what the conclave is all about. Let’s just say things unfold from there and we begin to see Clarke doing what Clarke does, which is compartmentalizing and finding a way to suck down her pain and be our hero and try and save her people yet again." We know that Clarke's a survivor, but Rothenberg points out that in addition to her own personal loss, she also has to consider the nature of her future relationship with the Grounders: "With the loss of Lexa, she has to worry about whether or not the new commander will continue to be an ally. So we’ll see her doing what people do in life when terrible things happen, when tragedy strikes. She’s going to suck it up and try to move on and do what she has to do to save her people." How do you think Clarke will cope with Lexa's death long-term? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  • I don't know what Clarke is gonna do... but I do know what a portion of the community is going to do on social media no matter WHAT happens... They're going to take the show WAY too personally, look for anything to get offended at, keep track in their notebooks of every single comment, action, or story angle that could in any possible way be construed as a "dis'" to the LGBT community and then spend WAY to much time crying about it. I am not talking about everyone in the LGBT community. I AM talking about those who should spend a little less time getting overly emotionally involved in a TV show and little more time getting counseling for the REAL issues they have.