The 100 Season 3: Executive producer Jason Rothenberg defends Lexa's death

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Still reeling from Lexa's shock death? The 100 EP Jason Rothenberg has finally broken his silence about the controversial decision

Fans of The 100 the world over were left speechless when much-loved character Lexa was killed off back in Episode 7 of the show's third season, with many viewers accusing the series' creators of having fed into stereotypes surrounding development of gay characters. Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey recently spoke about the controversy surrounding Lexa's exit while praising the show's devoted audience, with executive producer Jason Rothenberg explaining the unpopular decision during an interview with Speaking yesterday (March 21), Rothenberg admitted that he knew the character's death would upset many of the show's core fans: "The story that we’re telling is a tragedy. Lexa was a meaningful character to our fans, especially LGBTQ fans, and so I knew it would be emotional, of course." Rothenberg added that although he's now better able to understand the strength of fan reaction, he initially found the level of "outrage" the scene generated somewhat "unexpected", subsequently declaring: "This is a world where we treat everybody equally and I feel like that includes, by the way, the manner in which people die... the message here is that race, sexuality, those things shouldn’t matter, and that extends to the way that characters die. In this world, it doesn’t matter, you can die if you’re gay or straight, you can die if you’re a series regular or not."

Rothenberg went on to address viewers directly after several days of silence on social media, echoing Debnam-Carey's comments regarding the show's fanbase: "I would say, first of all, that it’s taken me a while to get perspective on it myself and to put myself in the position of somebody who was hurt like that. And I hope that eventually they can start to put themselves in our position and understand that we would never want to hurt anybody like that. We would never want to hurt our fans. We love them, we owe them everything, we owe them the fact that we just got a Season 4 to them." Find out what actress Lindsey Morgan had to say about the whole Lexa controversy here, and let us know whether you think Rothenberg's comments were justified. So, was the Commander fair game, or should she have remained on the show?

Source: TVInsider