The 100 Season 3 finale recap, the fate of everyone rests in Clarke and her lever-pulling hands

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The 100 Season 3 finale was INTENSE, to say the least. Find out if Clarke and co. managed to defeat A.L.I.E., and details about Clexa's reunion with our "Perverse Instantiation, Part Two" recap

SO MUCH went down in The 100 Season 3 finale that we're just going to jump right into it! Read our Episode 15 recap of The 100 Season 3's penultimate installment if you need to catch up. "Perverse Instantiation, Part Two" begins with Clarke zapping A.L.I.E.'s chip out of Abby, following her near death experience. It's a super emotional moment for the mother and daughter, as Abby apologizes for the things she did under the City of Light influence, though Clarke knows it wasn't really her mother's doing. Bellamy, Murphy and Pike show up and try to shoot Abby, but Clarke reveals she used the EMP (which was a one-time use tool) on her mom since Ontari is now brain dead. As teased in The 100 Season 3 finale sneak peek, Clarke announces that she plans to take the Flame. Octavia and co. then show up saying that they need to hurry since the City of Light members are climbing the building to get the second A.I.

While Abby transfuses Ontari's blood into Clarke so that her body won't reject the Flame like Emerson, Murphy puts the Flame inside her. At first it seems that the plan hasn't worked, but Clarke soon wakes back up and declares that she needs to take the chip, go into the City of Light and find the kill switch in order to defeat A.L.I.E. Soon after entering the City of Light Clarke bumps into Jasper, but she is invisible to him and all the other people. Clarke isn't getting enough Night Blood from Ontari and her body starts to reject the Flame. And the same time both Raven and A.L.I.E. realize that Clarke is in the City; she is no longer invisible there and the people start to chase her. Since A.L.I.E. is treating Clarke like a virus instead of controlling her, Raven and Monty realize that Clarke must have taken the Flame. Jasper confirms this and says that thanks to Clarke taking the chip Version 2 of A.L.I.E.'s code is almost updated. If Clarke or Raven cannot find the kill switch before the update is completed they will not be able to stop A.L.I.E.

Clarke is weak from the lack of Night Blood and her body's rejection to the Flame, but Lexa suddenly appears and saves Clarke as she kills the people who were attacking her. The ladies run away, but Clarke starts seizuring in both the City of Light and the real world. Upon seeing this Abby opens up Ontari's chest and literally pumps her heart with her hand to create more blood for Clarke. When Clarke wakes back up in the City she kisses Lexa, and then sees that they have only ten minutes to find the kill switch. Clarke and Lexa follow the infinity symbol that they keep seeing on different signs and people, hoping that it will lead them to the switch. They come to a dead end and are soon surrounded, but Raven helps Clarke with a portal to the kill switch. Lexa stays behind to fight the people off, and while we know the clock is ticking we would've preferred to see a better goodbye between Clarke and Lexa.

Meanwhile Pike and Octavia are left to fight off the chipped people who manage to climb to the top of the building. But when the first wave arrives Octavia stabs Pike in the leg and lets the intruders beat him. It's clear that Octavia still holds a lot of ill will towards Pike for Lincoln's death even though they're supposed to be on the same team. Bellamy shows up in time to help Pike and the three flee from the room and barricade the doors. They reconvene with the rest of the group and guard Clarke, who is unconscious while she's in the City of Light, from all the chipped people who are trying to attack them. Despite their best efforts the Lightie members make it inside the room and a battle ensues.

Clarke enters to room with the kill switch, that just so happens to look like the Ark, and meets Becca who shows Clarke to the switch. But before she can pull it A.L.I.E. appears and tells Clarke that she will kill everyone if she pulls the switch. A.L.I.E. then goes on to explain that melting nuclear plants will make the Earth uninhabitable, even for the Arkers, in six months and the City of Light is the only way to survive. Clarke again finds herself in a situation where she must make a HUGE decision regarding the life and well-being of many others. It seems as if A.L.I.E. has almost convinced Clarke not to pull the switch, appealing to the fact that Clarke doesn't want to wipe out the whole human race like she did to the Mountain Men, but in the end Clarke pulls the switch just in time.

As soon as the switch has been pulled A.L.I.E.'s chipped army feels pain and they instantly come to their senses. Despite not being in control, all the characters remember what they did under A.L.I.E.'s influence and feel terrible. Bellamy tells Clarke that she doesn't look like someone who's just saved the world, and she reveals to him that she hasn't... yet. Will she confide in Bellamy about the world ending in six-months time (according to A.L.I.E.), or will she carry all the weight on her shoulders and try to solve the problem herself? The finale ends with Octavia killing Pike, who saved her life earlier on during the battle. She then leaves the room and we wonder where she, and the other characters, will go from here, especially seeing as it will be quite difficult to exit the Grounder building. It's going to be EXTREMELY difficult to wait until next year to find out what happens next! What did you think of The 100 Season 3 finale?

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