The 100 Season 3 finale sneak peek, Clarke wants to take the Flame!

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We've got one final The 100 sneak peek for you before "Perverse Instantiation Part Two" airs on The CW. This one sees Eliza Taylor's Clarke desperate to take the Flame herself

So apparently, to be the lead protagonist in a modern-day TV show you have to be stubborn as a mule, and twice as gung-ho. Clarke fits the bill perfectly, and despite being a fierce, super badass warrior, she has been known to bring trouble on herself from time to time... The most recent sneak peek of The 100's Season 3 finale sees Clarke revive her mother, saving Abby from the disaster zone otherwise known as the City of Light. Well now we've got another preview clip to share with you, and it's a prime example of this infamous Clarke stubbornness that we just described. Having just saved Abby, the youngest Griffin turns to Bellamy, Pike and Murphy, and tells them that she (as in Clarke herself) needs to take the Flame. What are you thinking, woman!? That thing killed Emerson quicker than you can say A.L.I.E!

Although this The 100 sneak peek doesn't show it, we know for a fact that Clarke will head to the City of Light in Episode 16 - check out the trailer to see for yourself! Back to the clip, and a panicked Octavia rushes into the chamber, warning Clarke that whatever it is she plans on doing, she'd better do it sharpish. Why's that? Oh, you know, only because an army of lightie-influenced madmen are scaling the building - nothing serious... Back on the ground, we see Kane begin his ascent up the side of the enormous Polis structure. And this has got us wondering: could Kane be the character to make way in the Season 3 finale? Word on the street is that there will be another big death in "Perverse Instantiation Part Two." Could said death involve Kane falling from the side of the building? It's not beyond the realms of possibility, that's all we're saying... What did you make of this sneak peek?

Source: YouTube: @Television Promos