The 100 Season 3, is Bellamy set to kill Lincoln?

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With The 100 actor Ricky Whittle announcing his departure from the show, fans are beginning to speculate whether Lincoln is about to meet his end at Bellamy's hands

Uh-oh. Things certainly aren't looking good for Kane, Sinclair and Lincoln, with the trailer for The 100 Season 3: Episode 9 showing the trio on death row following their failed attempt to seize power from Pike. After weeks of blindly following Arkadia's dictatorial new Chancellor, Bellamy seems to have come to his senses at last (better late than never, we guess), but even if his bid to rescue the captives succeeds, will he manage to get all three out alive? We don't like to be pessimistic, but after piecing together the various bits of intel we have on what's in store for Lincoln, we're beginning to wonder whether Bellamy might have a role to play in the character's (possible) demise.

First up: actor Ricky Whittle announced way back at the beginning of Season 3 that he'd been cast to star in upcoming series American Gods, and since there are only 24 hours in the day - not to mention his mom's shocking Twitter outburst suggesting he'd be leaving the show - fans are bracing themselves to bid farewell to one of the series' best-loved characters. While Bellamy isn't as rabidly anti-Grounder as Pike, given the choice between saving Kane, Sinclair or Lincoln, we suspect that the Sky People would take priority. Even assuming that the rescue operation itself goes off without a hitch, the other inhabitants of Arkadia have a lot less love for Lincoln than they do for either Kane or Sinclair. Bellamy may well have decided it's time to stand up to Pike, but what about the rest of the Sky People? If he's forced to choose between saving a Grounder and all-out war, could we be looking at a mercy/vengeance killing à la Finn in Season 2?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there's the Octavia factor. Amongst other things, the Season 3 trailer showed her furiously attacking her brother, while the trailer for Episode 9 sees her placing the blame for Lincoln's capture squarely on Bellamy's shoulders: "You're the reason they need saving." Is Octavia's reaction a response to her brother's failure to rescue Lincoln - or worse, his murder? The spoiler photos for The 100 Season 3: Episode 9 don't tell us a great deal about what's in store for the unfortunate prisoners, but let us know if you think we're onto something. Do you think Bellamy will have something to do with Lincoln's death?

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