The 100 Season 3: Jason Rothenberg teases further deaths

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In spite of the controversy surrounding Alycia Debnam-Carey's exit from the show, The 100 EP Jason Rothenberg has promised even more death and destruction in future episodes

The CW's The 100 is renowned for its no-holds-barred approach to killing off its central characters, with Episode 7 of the show's third season seeing the death of fan favorite Lexa at the hands of fellow Grounder Titus. Despite earlier episodes breaking hearts with the deaths of Wells, Finn and Maya - not to mention the whole of Mount Weather (remember that Season 2 finale?) - the Commander's exit sparked outrage on social media, with showrunner Jason Rothenberg recently defending the decision to kill Lexa amid a storm of criticism from fans accusing producers of unfair treatment of LGBT characters. Speaking to, Rothenberg went on to promise even more deaths before Season 3 wraps up, suggesting that the show's reputation for spilling blood isn't about to improve any time soon.

Addressing Alycia Debnam-Carey's exit from the show, Rothenberg said: "In this world, it doesn’t matter, you can die if you’re gay or straight, you can die if you’re a series regular or not." Somewhat ominously, Rothenberg then went on: "This is going to be a crazy’s already been a crazy season. More characters that we love are going to die this season and it’s going to happen soon... I think that people need to be prepared for that." The question is, who's likely to be in the firing line? We already know that Kane, Sinclair and Lincoln - currently being held hostage by Chancellor Pike - are set to be rescued by Bellamy in Episode 9, "Stealing Fire", but with the trailer for Season 3 showing a furious Octavia attacking her brother, fans are wondering whether the mission could end up a failure. Rothenberg went on to suggest that The 100 could end up with its own spinoff, but for now we'd like to see producers concentrate on what's sure to be a heart-stopping Season 4. So, who do you think will make it out alive? Let us know your predictions in the comments.