The 100 Season 3: Marie Avgeropoulos looks back on Linctavia's relationship and how it will affect Octavia's future

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Without a shadow of doubt, Octavia is one of The 100's most fascinating, most fractured characters. In the wake of Lincoln's tragic death, Marie Avgeropoulos expects even more darkness to enter O's psyche

In a recent interview, Marie Avgeropoulos admitted that Season 4 of The 100 would see her character drift even deeper into that all-consuming darkness of life on the Ground. It's both a worrying and titillating prospect for fans of The CW's dystopian future-based show, as Octavia's rapid descent into #ruthlessbitchmode has provided one of the more exciting story lines over the past few years. Lincoln's death half way through Season 3 was not easy to take for Octavia, and Avgeropoulos spoke to Just Jared Jr. about all things Linctavia. "Of course, myself as an actress I was so sad to see Ricky Whittle go,” the actress confessed. “He’s a wonderful man and we have a great friendship. That romance was so deserved. They made so many epic sacrifices for one another." We know many The 100 fans who echo Avgeropoulos' views - Lincoln's sudden departure from the show did NOT go down well with the fandom!

The actress continued: "It was the classic, forbidden Romeo and Juliet romance. That’s the way it started and that’s the way it ended. It was horrible and beautiful all at the same time. That’s all they kept doing, is sacrificing their lives for one another. That’s exactly how the story ended and I feel like that chapter in a respectful way, in terms of the romance.” With that "chapter" over, thoughts now turn to 2017's fourth season of The 100. How will Octavia develop, having brutally murdered Pike in "Perverse Instantiation Part Two"? According to Avgeropoulos: “Next season, you’re going to see Octavia take a lot of really dark turns and uncover some really nasty layers. That will be exciting for me as an actress. She’s always evolving and changing.” Here at melty, we're definitely interested to see what these "nasty layers" consist of. She's already alienated brother Bell - who's next in her sights?

Source: Just Jared JR