The 100 Season 3's Jason Rothenberg reveals if Clarke will return to Camp Jaha

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After choosing to utterly destroy Mount Weather in a bid to free her people from Cage, Clarke refused to return to Camp Jaha with Bellamy and her mother. Where does she end up in Season 3? Read on to find out what executive producer Jason Rothenberg had to say

The second season of The CW's critically acclaimed wrapped up earlier this spring with an epic finale episode, "Blood Must Have Blood, Pt. 2". In a shocking twist, the Sky People were betrayed at the eleventh hour by Lexa and her Grounder army, who came to a behind-the-scenes agreement with President Wallace before leaving their former allies in the dust. Undeterred and willing to risk everything to free her people, Clarke made the horrific decision to kill everyone in Mount Weather, including innocent men, women and children, in order that the 47 might escape alive. The 100 Season 3's producers have since confirmed that everyone inside the Mountain is dead... except for one person. Wracked with guilt, Clarke found herself unable to return to Camp Jaha alongside Bellamy, leaving her people to fend for themselves as the episode drew to a close. So, where will we find her when Season 3 debuts later this fall?

Speaking to ET Online, executive producer Jason Rothenberg had this to say about what we can expect for Clarke when the show returns: "I don’t want to talk too much about Season 3 as we’re in the planning stages and breaking stories and starting to write it very shortly. But Clarke isn’t going to be home when we get there, for sure." Disappointing fans hoping for a reconciliation between Bellamy and Clarke, Rothenberg went on to add: "Bellamy is a leader and is responsible and is a hero and will be recognized as such and given responsibilities that he’s never had before. He’s going to have more and more reason to stay there and stay at Camp Jaha as they’re forming this society – and Clarke can’t be there emotionally for now. We giveth and we taketh away." In an earlier interview dealing with what's in store in Season 3, Rothenberg commented that a love story between Bellamy and Clarke was "open to interpretation", but here at melty, we're got our fingers crossed that the Sky People's de facto leaders will reunite when new episodes premiere in the fall. Let us know if you want Clarke to return to Camp Jaha!

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  • Clarke should go back and be with lexa
  • She should go back and get with Bellamy
  • I think Clarke should go back to the sky people.. Then I think she should kiss bellamy and they should start a relationship
  • Clexa.
  • I NEED Clarke to come back to Camp Jaha, because otherwise, Bellamy will have TO MANY responsibilities and won't have any time for Clarke if she comes back at the season finale.