The 100 Season 3's Lindsey Morgan responds to criticism of Lexa's death

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The 100's Lindsey Morgan (Raven) has taken to Twitter to address a storm of fan criticism regarding Lexa's death back in Episode 7

Season 3 of The 100... well, where to start. The show's next installment, set to air March 31, will see Kane, Sinclair AND Lincoln on death row following their failed attempt to wrest control of Arkadia from Pike, with fans wondering whether Bellamy might be forced to kill Lincoln if Episode 9's escape doesn't go to plan. What, was one Grounder death not enough for producers?! We're talking, of course, about Lexa's shock death back in Episode 7 ("Thirteen"), with the Commander dying in Clarke's arms after being hit by a stray bullet fired by one of her own men. The 100's Alycia Debnam-Carey recently spoke about Lexa's controversial exit in response to a barrage of criticism from the show's fans, some of whom accused EP Jason Rothenberg of playing the Dead Lesbian Syndrome card - in other words, using gay or queer characters as a secondary plot device and subsequently killing them off for sheer shock factor rather than to advance the story.

The 100 has never shied away from killing off key characters in cursory and sometimes brutal fashion, but many fans of Lexa and her relationship with Clarke feel the Commander's death was out of sync with the rest of Season 3's narrative. Writing on Twitter, actress Lindsey Morgan, who plays Raven Reyes, discussed the controversial decision, insisting that producers never intended to upset the show's audience. Morgan went on to add that "this issue... is so much bigger than any of us", before encouraging viewers to "use our collective voice for powerful change". Numerous members of The 100's fanbase have reportedly endorsed a boycott of March 31's episode, "Stealing Fire", and Lord knows that 'collective voice' can sometimes be pretty powerful. Do you think Lexa's death was a wise move on the part of the show's producers? Thoughts down below, please.

Source: Twitter: @linzzmorgan

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  • No. It honestly just felt like a last minute thing, as if they just realized on the day of the shoot "shit we haven't figured out how to kill her yet!" and just threw her in the room. So many things didn't make sense! 1. Puny little Jasper survived a spear through the chest (probably while malnourished and weak) and the most fierce leader Lexa dies from a single stray bullet to the stomach? 2. There are always guards outside of Lexa’s doors, Titus shoots three bullets before she enters the room and not ONE guard shows up?? and that's leaving OUT the fact that Titus, a smart and rational man, is somehow dumb enough to attack Clarke outside of Heda's doors or even anywhere near the building, or attack her at all! 3.Lexa was able to unite 12 clans who wanted nothing more than to rip each others throats out, lead multiple wars and won them, defeated one of the most feared worriers (who is also twice her size might I add) with barely a scratch on her while simultaneously killing their Queen, etc.. But dies from walking into a room at the wrong time? 4. Did they think we forgot about Clarke's medical background?? She was able to save many lives even before her mom got on the ground, and you're telling me she couldn't pull out a bullet and stitch her up? I'm sure that they must have had a needle and string somewhere and Titus obviously had some surgical shit around, Clarke is really smart I'm sure she could have improvised something to keep her alive long enough to find a more permanent solution. Honestly there's more but I'm gonna stop at five.. Her death just simply did not make sense. Also I believe she should have died fighting for what she believed in, peace, and they could have still created the scene with her dying in Clarke’s arms. Instead she is killed at her most vulnerable moment, so their message is what? That love and vulnerability truly is weakness and should be perceived as bad? Lexa’s first love got killed because of love and the only other time she falls in love again she dies? Same goes with Clarke i.e Finn now Lexa. They did no one justice, Lexa deserved better, forget the factor of her sexuality, Lexa was such a beautiful and well developed character and could have been explored in so many ways, instead we are left with so many questions left unanswered about her, she was probably one of the best character they had and they threw it all away. The writers are smart enough(or so I thought) to find a way to reduce Lexa’s screen time in order to ease Alycia’s difficulty of being on two shows. For instance the story has lately been set mostly in Polis to learn more about the grounders, however it is obviously about to stray away from it to focus on Arkedia and the city of light, they could have easily put the focus there and have occasional clips of Lexa devising plans and perhaps leading and fighting a little here and there, at least until Alycia’s schedule frees up a little more, Clarke was about to leave Polis and the attention goes wherever Clarke is so obviously Lexa wouldn’t have had as much screen time anyways and the focus would have drawn away from the romance and more into the war. As for the explaining the reincarnation thing, just show her scar and have Clarke ask about it, heck! since they’ve been so fond of flashbacks lately show one that explains that, maybe the transition from Anya to Lexa that would further benefit the plot cause it would give us more background on Lexa and show how she became commander and give even more background on the grounders and the creation of it all. Okay I’ve written too much I’m gonna stop now, bottom line is they’re idiots, they lost the plot, the character and the audience.. Jason, yu gonplei ste odon, kos bilaik jus drein jus daun en osir gaf yu jus, bilaik chich op..