The 100 Season 3: (SPOILER) is the new Commander?

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In a MAJOR possible spoiler alert for The 100 Season 3: Episode 9 ("Stealing Fire"), the new Commander's identity may have been revealed

Before you read any further, take a look at these spoiler photos for The 100 Season 3: Episode 9 and commit a couple of faces to your memory. The show returns to The CW tomorrow after a brief hiatus, with the Conclave to decide the new leadership of the Grounders following Lexa's death in full swing. A Periscope user named Caroline Belle filmed the first thirteen minutes of "Stealing Fire" at this weekend's WonderCon, and if the footage is accurate, it looks like the Grounders could already have found a new Commander. Stop reading now if you'd prefer to wait for "Stealing Fire" to air tomorrow night (we recommend turning your attention to this relatively spoiler-free synopsis for Season 3: Episode 9 instead.)

You can read a recap of the video here, but in brief, it looks like Ontari will replace Lexa as leader of the Grounders. We see Titus prepare the Flame - AKA, the A.I. that lived inside Lexa and her predecessors - but there's a catch. Murphy remarks that since Lexa was their ally, the new Commander is sure to continue the whole goodwill-towards-the-Sky-People thing. Unfortunately, this isn't the case: praising Lexa's bravery, Titus reveals that the Flame simply enhances what is already present within the chosen successor, meaning that what happens next looks doubly ominous for Clarke. We hear the victory horn sound, before a bloody Ontari sitting on Lexa's throne holds up a severed head (whose face we deliberately don't see). She declares: "I win," and throws the head down the steps. Could it be Aden's? Do you hope Ontari assumes control of the Grounders? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Periscope: Caroline_Belle