The 100 Season 3 to have a spinoff?!

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Yep, you read that right: the word "spinoff" 100% left The 100 EP Jason Rothenberg's lips during a recent interview. Read on for more info

The 100 is set to return to screens March 31 with "Stealing Fire", where we'll finally find out if Bellamy's attempt to rescue Kane, Sinclair and Lincoln is a success (although that hasn't stopped a furious Octavia from blaming her brother for their being captured in the first place). Se far, Season 3 has generated more than its fair share of controversy, with its next installment taking us back to Polis after Lexa's death in Episode 7, "Thirteen". (You can find out what actress Lindsey Morgan had to say about that shocking moment here.) We now know that the Grounder capital got its name from Polaris, the thirteenth space station whose destruction led to the Ark's creation, with its leader Becca subsequently becoming the first ever Commander. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg discussed the flashback scene with, revealing that the show's creative team are still looking for ways to continue the storyline.

Discussing the impact of the Polaris disaster and the creation of A.L.I.E., Rothenberg said: "I loved that story. I had been waiting since the beginning to do an origin story really, because that’s what that was, it was the origin of the Ark, the end of the world. I think Javier [Grillo-Marxauch], the writer of the script, did a great job laying in this mythology of the second A.I." When asked to expând on the fate of those aboard the station, Rothenberg joked: "Spinoff! ...Well we’re talking about it. We’re talking about both how to continue that story in The 100, and are there possibilities to explore other time periods, in a way... If the fans want it, and they ask for it and they scream loud enough, maybe they’ll get it." With a fourth season of The 100 already confirmed, can fans expect a whole new series set in the days before the Ark's launch? We're keeping our fingers crossed. Find out what Rothenberg had to say about The 100 Season 3: Episode 9 here, and let us know if you think the series has spinoff potential.


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  • I would like a spinoff about the Ark beginnings. The people who built A.L.I.E. ,( Dr. Chandra? became operational on 12 January 1999 at the HAL Laboratories in Urbana, Illinois as production number 3; ) The reasoning (politics) that made A.L.I.E. necessary. and how the survivors survived before the Commander arrives.