The 100 Season 3: William Shatner and Stephen King debate morality in Arkadia

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What are your thoughts on the morality of The 100? Or is that too intense a question at this time of day? Fortunately, William and Shatner and Stephen King (yes, really) are here to discuss it for you

So Season 3 of The 100 has been pretty divisive, there's no point denying it. Whether you're a fan of the show's dark new look or not, we can all agree that Jason Rothenberg has taken Clarke and co. on a journey that nobody thought possible two years ago. With recent deaths in the form of Lexa and Lincoln sparking outrage amongst the traditional The 100 fan base, author Stephen King decided to voice his thoughts, tweeting: "The sad (but true) mantra that's repeated over and over in THE 100: "There are no good guys."" A foreboding message, I think we'll all agree, but he's not exactly wrong, is he? Even the 'traditional' good guys such as Jasper and Clarke have done bad, bad things in order to get their way. But then (and we promise this isn't a wind-up) guess who popped up!? Only William Shatner, of Star Trek fame! The actor responded to King's morose tweet with his own view on the show: "Depends upon ones perspective and sometimes you gotta be bad to be good!" he said.

Upon reflection, both gentlemen have very valid opinions. How could we possibly understand the thought processes of Clarke and Bellamy etc when they are coping with life in a dystopian, apocalyptic future, and we're just sitting on the couch eating potato chips? Whilst we're discussing general The 100 bits and bobs, don't forget to check out what Alycia Debnam-Carey said in the wake of Lexa's death. She made some very interesting comments about women's rule - comments that were echoed by King. According to the author: "What I like best about THE 100 is the strong feminist slant. No preaching, just story." However, he did have one more criticism, and once again, he hit the nail on the head: "Challenge for the writers of THE 100: Get through Season 4 without Clarke saying "I'm sorry" more than, say, 10 times." Whilst you're here, check out the trailer for the next episode of The 100, and see if Clarke says "I'm sorry" at all! Do you agree with King or Shatner?

Source: Twitter: @StephenKing / @WilliamShatner

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  • Among other things Kirk killed a lot of Klingons along the way. . I think Clark is sorry for needing to make decisions not for her deeds. All her decisions were based on the idea of her and the 100 survival . What will happen when only 20 of the 100 are still alive. Of course a sorry party