The 100 Season 4: Clarke to focus on saving the world

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The third season of The 100 only concluded a week ago, but we're already frantically scouring the internet for hints, tips and spoilers ahead of Season 4. Like this one, for example

The 100 Season 4 seems like a very long way off right now - we don't know what we'll eat for breakfast tomorrow morning, so prepping ourselves for January 2017 seems like a bit of a foolhardy mission! Nevertheless, the cast and crew of The CW's hit show are already working hard to weave some extraordinary story lines for us eager viewers. Isaiah Washington recently previewed Jaha's fate come Season 4, which suggests that the writers already have a vague outline of the route they want The 100 to take! The latest leak to worm its way out of The 100 HQ comes courtesy of the writers themselves, who posted this almighty tease on their Instagram page. As you can see below, they posted a photo with the caption: "DAY FOUR. Sounds easy." The photo has just three words on it, but pretty intense words they are: "Save the world," it says. Just when Clarke might have expected a vacation...

DAY FOUR. Sounds easy. #The100

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So what do you think these three fateful words could suggest? Our money is on a 'Clarke-desperately-trying-to-save-the-world' plot line. Eliza Taylor's heroine is The 100's main protagonist, so if the writers are implying anything, it most likely concerns her. We believe that this potential story has a lot to do with A.L.I.E's ominous warning in the Season 3 finale, where she assured Clarke that the earth would not be survivable for any longer than six months. So somehow, Clarke has to do alone what seven billion of us on planet earth can't seem to manage: save the world's ecosystem, so that humans can continue to thrive and flourish in everyday life. Not the easiest of challenges, I think we'll all agree... Poor Clarke - all this makes the drama at Mount Weather seem like a walk in the park! What do you think "Save the world" means?

Source: Instagram: @the100writers