The 100 Season 4, have we seen the last of Luna?

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Luna wanted nothing to do with becoming the Commander, but have we seen the last of her? Not if The 100 star Eliza Taylor has anything to say about it

Following Lexa's tragic death in Season 3 of The 100, it was necessary for a new Commander to fill the void. Lexa had trained the next batch of Night Bloods, however Ontari slaughtered them all to get rid of her competition. Clarke was not about to let Ontari become the new Commander so she took the Flame and went off in search of the only other known Night Blood, Luna of the Boat People. Unfortunately for Clarke, Luna had absolutely to interest in becoming the Grounder Commander, even if the fate of the human race depended on it. Not even the incident on the Boat People's freight could convince Luna that A.L.I.E. must be stopped, and Clarke's visit ended unsuccessfully.

Now that A.L.I.E. has been defeated it looks like Clarke will focus on saving the world in Season 4 of The 100. Luna's Night Blood is no longer essential to stopping the A.I. and seeing as the Boat People live far far away from Polis and the mainland, many fans are wondering if we'll catch a glimpse of Luna again. If it were up to The 100 star Eliza Taylor, the answer would be a resolute yes. Taylor told Entertainment Weekly: “Personally, I would love to see her come back. Nadia [Hilker] is such a beautiful, intriguing actress, and Luna is such a great character. There’s a lot more we could do with her for sure.” Taylor seems optimistic, but we're definitely curious to see if the writers actually include Luna and the Boat People in the Season 4 storyline. Unfortunately it looks like the next season of The 100 won't premiere until 2017, and if so we have a while to wait to find out. Do you hope to see Luna again on The 100?

Source: Entertainment Weekly