The 100 Season 4: Isaiah Washington addresses Jaha's need for followers

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He was the leader of the Ark, then the 'human' commander of A.L.I.E's brain-washed cult. But will anyone ever follow Jaha again? Isaiah Washington addressed the topic in a recent interview

We would love to feel sorry for Jaha given his current state of affairs, but he's a bit of an idiot, so we don't... This guy must have some serious self-confidence issues if he so desires power 24/7 - what's wrong with listening to somebody else once in a while!? Anyway, following the cataclysmic events that transpired in the Season 3 finale, Jaha has been left with nothing. He has no allies, he has no resources, and he no longer has that indifference to pain brought on by the lighties. Most damningly for him, though, is his current tally of followers (zero). Will Jaha rise again when The 100 returns to The CW for its fourth season in 2017? IGN spoke to Isaiah Washington himself, who admitted: "I don't think you can discount anything with Jaha. He's very enigmatic, and he's very charming." Can't deny that one; if anyone can rebuild, it's probably the ex-Chancellor (despite the suggestion that Season 4 will just be a game of damage limitation).

Washington continued: "This is a man who sent the Ark down, so his heart is in the right place. We just really have to figure out where his soul is. I don't want to use words like 'redemption' or 'redeeming' because all of our characters ebb and flow. I'm just interested in seeing what can he possibly do to get a following now?" So perhaps The 100 Season 4 will signal Jaha's return to the top after all... Now, even Washington won't know every little detail about S4 quite yet (we're assuming it hasn't been written, anyway), but he seems pretty set on the idea of a 'comeback' for his character... IGN then broached the subject of the impending 'end of the world' scenario. Was A.L.I.E. telling the truth? Or was it just a last-ditch bluff to save herself. Washington's take on the story was the following: "Whatever that threat is, I bet you can count on Jaha leading his particular path to keep the human race safe." But what IS Jaha's particular path!? That's what we want to know!

Source: IGN