The 100 Season 4 to have less episodes

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Along with having to wait months and months until The 100 returns to our screens, it looks like Season 4 will have less episodes than we've become accustomed to over the past couple of seasons. Read on for more details.

We are counting down the days until The 100 cast and crew appear at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 where they will hold a panel that includes a Special Video Presentation and a Q&A. We still have quite a while to wait until Season 4 premieres, and therefore news has been sparse about what's next for Clarke and the gang. Season 3 ended will Clarke destroying A.L.I.E. and saving the Sky Crew and Grounders alike. However in a bid to stop Clarke from pulling the kill switch, A.L.I.E. told her that melting nuclear plants will make the Earth uninhabitable, even for the Arkers, in six months, with the City of Light being the only possible way to survive. Whether A.L.I.E. was telling the truth or not, we think these melting nuclear plants will definitely come into play in the upcoming storyline. The 100 star Bob Morley recently spoke about his character's relationship with Clarke, as well as Bellamy's current situation with sister Octavia.

So it looks like we've been spoiled a bit. The 100's debut season introduced the post-apocalyptic world we've come to know and love with 13 episodes. The sophomore season kicked things up a notch with 16 brilliant episodes. Following the Season 2 finale was an extremely long hiatus that aimed to give The 100 its "Breaking Bad moment." Which is to say The CW and The 100 creators were hoping for the series to garner more popularity thanks to Netflix, where the first two seasons were available to stream while fans waited for the highly-anticipated third season. Season 3 did not disappoint and was comprised of 16 episodes jam-packed with action, conflict and heartache. It looks like The 100 Season 4 is reverting back to its original episode count of 13 installments, if the above tweet is to be believed. Like Season 3, the upcoming season will have a mid-season premiere meaning that it will debut in January, or possibly even February 2017. With A.L.I.E. seemingly destroyed, we're curious to see what kind of new big bad fans will see next. How to you feel about Season 4 having fewer episodes than the two previous seasons?

Source: Twitter: @The100serienews