The Avengers and the X-Men come together in this fan-made Marvel Ultimate Alliance trailer

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Ever wondered what it would look like if the Avengers and the X-Men came together in one movie? A fan has made a Marvel Ultimate Alliance trailer which has us begging Marvel, 20th Century Fox and Sony to make this happen!

In case you didn't know, Marvel doesn't have the movie rights to all of its comic book properties. Due to a complicated series of events, Marvel had to sell a bunch of its characters' movie rights to the highest bidders. This meant that Sony bagged Spider-Man, and 20th Century Fox ran away with the X-Men, which also included the likes of Deadpool. However, Sony and Marvel have now worked out a deal which means that they'll be working together on the web-slinger's franchise, and Sony is reportedly interested in working with Marvel on other superhero franchises (great news). Yet 20th Century Fox doesn't seem to want to play ball, which has of course dented our hope of ever seeing all of Marvel's characters come together in one epic movie. Yet an enthusiastic fan has now pieced together a trailer, which has us desperate to see a Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie. Check it out below.

YouTuber Alex Luthor obviously spent a lot of time in making this epic trailer, however, rather understandably some of the cuts do seem a bit clumsy. Yet this trailer is proof that Marvel, Sony and 20th Century Fox need to come together to make this a thing. Marvel managed to hold on to the rights of the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and so on... However, losing Spider-Man and the X-Men was a big blow because they were easily two of Marvel's most popular franchises. If they made this movie, it would be crammed full of Marvel heroes and villains, and may end up feeling a bit bloated. However, Captain America: Civil War already proved that Marvel can cohesively bring a lot of superheroes together into one movie. Fingers crossed that the studios have seen this trailer. A Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie would be every comic book fan's greatest ever Christmas present. Spider-Man creator Stan Lee has even said that a DC vs Marvel movie would be a good idea. We totally agree with Stan on that one. Do you want to see a Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie?

Source: YouTube: @Alex Luthor