The Blacklist Season 4: John Eisendrath talks new Big Bad

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Where next for The Blacklist? Executive producer John Eisendrath speaks out about the Big Bad of Season 4 and speculates about Liz and Kirk's relationship.

The Blacklist Season 3 finale dropped a number of bombshells on us before going off on its hiatus for the summer. Liz died, then she was alive, Mr. Kaplan betrayed Reddington, and then it was revealed that Alexander Kirk, the man behind Liz's abduction, was Constantine Rostova, a.k.a. Elizabeth Keen's father. The Blacklist Season 4 bosses have previously teased Liz's relationship with Kirk, and speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer John Eisendrath has teased Constantine's mysterious motives in abducting Liz. On whether Kirk is the Big Bad of Season 4, Eisendrath said: "That’s definitely a cliffhanger for next year. It’s definitely an, ‘Oh my God, who really is this person, what’s his agenda and what is going to happen to Liz?'"

He continued: "We’re left with Red and everyone aware of the fact that Liz is alive, and she’s also been abducted." Red will definitely believe that Kirk is the villain, but Eisendrath's vagueness could suggest that there's larger forces at play than just Kirk and Reddington. Regardless of who the real villain is, series creator Jon Bokenkamp has previously said that Red is devastated by Liz's betrayal in The Blacklist Season 4, and he'll certainly be on the warpath for everyone who lied to him and anyone who might know where Kirk took her. But if Alexander Kirk isn't the Big Bad, then who else could be? Somebody we've met before, or somebody completely different? For regular updates on The Blacklist click the green subscribe button below. Would you like to see someone other than Kirk as the Big Bad for Season 4?

Source: Entertainment Weekly